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3:43 | 03/21/12

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The suspect in the deadly shootings and France remains barricaded inside his apartment surrounded by police. And French officials say the suspect was preparing to strike again the 24 year old man says he'll give himself up today and it's not police are ready to move it. ABC's -- Hassan -- In a predawn raid French special forces surrounded the building where the suspect in the shooting deaths of three soldiers. A rabbi his two sons having young girl in southwest France was holds up. Heavily armed with a Kalashnikov rifle and mini Uzi and several other hand -- the suspect Mohammed -- engaged in a shootout with police. Of these two officers were wounded. Mara a 24 year old Frenchman of Algerian origin claims he acted to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children. And France's involvement in Afghanistan. He claims he has ties to al-Qaeda. The French interior ministers said he had made several visits Afghanistan and Pakistan. And was arrested in Kandahar a few years ago. He was already on France's watch list. Taking to the airwaves today French President Nicolas Sarkozy told the nation terrorism will not break our national community. Investigators believe -- was responsible for the recent spate of deadly attacks. Including one just this week on a Jewish school in two -- that left a girl a rabbi and his two young sons dead. Their funerals took place in Jerusalem where thousands of mourners gathered to pay their respects yeah. Emotional ceremony to remember the victims who Manama -- -- ABC news London. And in. Court. Zimmerman a man at the center of the Florida shooting that left trade on -- an un armed black teenager dead. Remains free despite increasing pressure from police to arrest him. Now other indications that racially insensitive language made by Zimmerman could validate claims that the killing was racially motivated. -- BC's TJ Winick has more. Anger is on display in Sanford Florida. Hundreds gathered at this church preaching against the killing of seventeen year old tree -- Martan if he had been white. He wanted to stop. -- have been -- Protsko. There appears to be mounting evidence to support that theory Sanford police now -- BC news they overlooked what some believe is a racial slur. Muttered by George Zimmermann to a police dispatcher just before he shot -- it happened right before this 911 exchange. Let me -- -- -- what -- India that we don't. Prosecutors announced Tuesday that a grand jury will hear evidence in the shooting by the neighborhood watch captain. And the federal government is also looking at the case is a possible hate crime. Both investigations follow -- -- -- -- by local police including not speaking to trade -- sixteen year old girlfriend. -- logs show she was speaking to him moments before his death. This is what she told the -- -- attorney about that night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now local police are -- even more criticism after asking anyone with information about the fatal confrontation to come forward. Not too many of those individuals were even interviewed that's a serious serious fatal flaw -- could be afraid fatal flaw in this investigation. According to change dot org a petition demanding George -- arrest is now the fastest growing in Internet history TJ Winick ABC news New York.

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