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4:22 | 03/23/12

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President Obama offered some personal thoughts as he weighed in on -- on Martin's shooting. The unarmed black teen was gunned down in Florida by a Hispanic neighborhood watch captain but police. Have -- to -- charges in this case during his Rose Garden announcement today nominating Dartmouth College president Jim young candidate ahead of the World Bank. The president said every aspect of this case must be investigated at all levels of government. Obviously. This is a tragedy. I can only imagine what these parents are going -- And when I think about. This -- I think about my own kids. And -- I think every parent in America. Should be able to understand. Why. It is absolutely imperative that we investigate. Every aspect of us. And then everybody pulls together federal state and local. -- -- figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. So. I'm glad that. Not only is the Justice Department looking into what I understand now that. The governor's state of Florida has formed a task force to investigate what's taking place. I think all of us have to do some soul searching to figure out how does something like this happen and that means that we examine. The loss in the context. For what happened. As well as -- no specifics of the incident. But my main messages news to the parents -- on Martin. Delphi to Sonny looked like triple. And it's. I don't I think they are right to expect that. All of us. As Americans. -- are you gonna take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we're gonna get to the bottom of exactly what happened. The Justice Department and the FBI they have opened a civil rights investigation in this case. A grand jury also considering whether charged George Zimmermann the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Martin he says. In self defense. With each passing week Americans as a whole we are using less gasoline -- -- in fact crunch the numbers that -- there's been a 3% drop in gas consumption. Over the past year now that comes to roughly four point two million gallons consumed a week. Research shows that people been driving less as the gas prices go up but also a secondary factor. The increasing number of fuel efficient cars on the road. Followers or risk losing their homes to foreclosure -- -- and a new option to stay in their homes. Bank of America's testing a program that allows some troubled homeowners to get their houses to the bank. And then signed leases to rent them instead at market rate. The bank would -- for give the loan balance program will be tested among small groups Arizona Nevada and New York. New home sales took an unexpected dip the Commerce Department saying in fact the sales dropped one point 6% in February 2. 313 thousand homes as the second straight month of declines the good news though. Home prices rose to their highest level in eight months new -- account for just a fraction of all sales but they can have a larger impact and the economy. Your opinion is -- slaps sanctions and the wife of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad. An EU official says a son's wife will be hit with a travel ban and her assets in the EU frozen. Should be the fourth -- family member target in the latest rounds of sanctions aimed at stopping the violent crackdown against dissidents. Estimates put the number killed at more than 8000. Since the uprising began in Syria more than a year ago. A senior French official says there is no evidence in fact that the gunman killed in a 32 hour standoff with police yesterday had ties to al-Qaeda despite those claims. Or any other terrorist group 24 year old Mohammed narrow -- killing spree that left seven people dead including three French paratroopers. Three Jewish schoolchildren. And a rabbi. -- had traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan and claimed to have been in contact with -- al-Qaeda.

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