Acting Legend James Garner dead at 86

Garner, star of "Rockford Files" and "Maverick," dies of apparent natural causes.
2:08 | 07/20/14

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Transcript for Acting Legend James Garner dead at 86
Depending on your age, you may know him from maverick, the "Rockford files", the old polaroid commercials or "The notebook." He's a Hollywood towering figure and we lost him today, James garner. He was a tough guy with a wink. Here's ABC's Jon donvan. Reporter: He's one of those actors who has been there all your life. In movies, on television, owning certain roles that work only because he owned them. Maverick in the 1950s, a cultural touch stone. Get out of here maverick, we don't want any trouble. You're right, doc, not that kind. Reporter: So was his portrayal of Rockford in the 1970s Rockford files. Who you working for? That's confidential. Larry kirkoff. Reporter: He stood out as a guy with good looks. Among guys with good looks he stood out as a guy not too seriously and with a wink at the world. 34 years ago with Barbara Walters already looking back. Do you like you? At times. Reporter: Twice decorated for service in the Korean war, garner did not start acting until he was 25, with a small part in a new play called the cane mutiny court-martial which went all the way to Broadway. Bigger parts followed. 1957's maverick was the breakthrough. It defined his persona, a role breaker who maybe always didn't know right from wrong. Which may be wasn't all acting. What I like best about me? I'm a pretty honest guy. Reporter: His one Oscar nomination came for 1985's Murphy's romance, which might be late in his career. 19 years later he was still working, still charming, still garneresque in the notebook. I think I'd love to do anything we wanted to. Reporter: It was a long, entertaining memorable run, and 34 years ago looking forward, the question was this. How would you want to be remembered? With a smile. Reporter: Let's just say he got his wish. Jon donvan, ABC news, Washington. Yes, he did. Our thanks to Jon donvan for that and to you for watching

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{"id":24642434,"title":"Acting Legend James Garner dead at 86","duration":"2:08","description":"Garner, star of \"Rockford Files\" and \"Maverick,\" dies of apparent natural causes.","url":"/WNT/video/acting-legend-james-garner-dead-86-24642434","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}