Adele Recovers, Will Sing at Grammys

Singer known for her powerful voice underwent surgery to save her vocal cord.
2:22 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Adele Recovers, Will Sing at Grammys
The singer -- took the world by storm this past year with that unmanageable sound but 2011 ended with a remarkable voice silence. Tonight hear the science behind the surgery she underwent a safer voice and on the eve of the big award season we ask will dealt sell the -- Here's our national correspond to model and now. -- actions -- Dell called the voice of her generation. But this weekend a remarkable comeback. America's best selling singer nearly silenced forever by a bleeding vocal -- a career in jeopardy. Will perform for the first time in five months at the grammys Sunday night. The full -- -- canceled -- recent American tour not allowed to talk much less thing. Apologizing to fans with a handwritten note until she came to Boston's doctor Stephens -- -- for microscopic laser surgery. The bill had indicated. That she'd been bleeding and horrible and -- God yeah. Sell me. I mean. That is the first time she sang in public cents to air on sixty minutes Sunday. -- she describes what she went through. But I and you fight cup opponent. And kind of may feel him respect -- -- This type of micro surgery uses a fiber optic camera that delicately scans the vocal cords for damage. -- -- -- Pop singer John Mayer. Country singer Keith Urban and rocker Steven Tyler have all had the surgery to bring back their voices. These are actually Tyler's vocal chords you're watching courtesy of National Geographic who put a camera down his throat as he saying they hit three month. The -- for surgery allows one to remove the mass without disturbing the -- record. This remarkable surgery is not just used on singers it's used on throat cancer patients and -- radiation has a 90% cure rate. But we're a -- it's a 100% comeback. Now that the vocal -- of vibrating much better. There will be a cleaner sound. And a she's well -- I anticipate that she's gonna -- a wonderful performance. The voice of a generation repaired by surgery from the next. Jim -- ABC news New York.

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{"id":15559708,"title":"Adele Recovers, Will Sing at Grammys","duration":"2:22","description":"Singer known for her powerful voice underwent surgery to save her vocal cord.","url":"/WNT/video/adele-recovers-sing-grammys-15559708","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}