Afghan Massacre Suspect Enlisted After 9/11

Soldier accused of shooting families in Afghanistan suffered a brain injury.
2:37 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for Afghan Massacre Suspect Enlisted After 9/11
We do have a better portrait of the shooter coming into focus and ABC's Martha Raddatz has been asking questions about him all day Martha. -- the soldier is expected to face multiple murder charges in the coming days. Which could carry the death penalty if he is convicted that is also when his name will be made public. But we are learning compelling details about his life -- a troubled army base. And his four deployments to war sound. It's it was two months after terrorists brought down the world trade towers when the suspected shooter joined the army he would spend much of the next decade at war. As part of -- brigade from Washington State. That brigade first deployed to Iraq in November 2 -- -- three. It was back in Iraq in 2006. For fifteen -- suffering major casualties. In the final months of the tour. Back home in 2008. This soldier went through a full mental health screening to become a sniper he passed. At some point -- official told ABC news the soldier suffered a mild brain injury after hitting his head but was treated successfully. An official tells ABC news after his last deployment in 2009. The soldier a husband and father of two. Had difficulty readjusting to home life though he eventually cleared routine mental health screenings. In December of last year he headed for his first war in Afghanistan. The base where the soldiers spent much of the decade is joint base Lewis McCourt. What's called the most trouble based in the military with a history of violence. In January of this year 24 year old Iraq veteran Benjamin Barnes -- the park ranger at Mount Rainier. Last year Sargent -- -- poured lighter fluid on his wife and -- on fire a combat medic killed his wife and five year old son. Before killing himself after a high speed chase. And Sargent Calvin Gibbs was convicted of organizing and leading a squad of soldiers who killed Afghans for sport. The department offense united states army United States Marine Corps -- gonna have to look at this again. Are we pushing our troops too far too fast and are they exposed to too much combat. We're also learning tonight that the family of the accused army sergeant is being moved to Lewis McCord based. For their own protection. Diane they have been living off base they too reeling I am sure this -- thank you Martha Raddatz.

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{"id":15906157,"title":"Afghan Massacre Suspect Enlisted After 9/11","duration":"2:37","description":"Soldier accused of shooting families in Afghanistan suffered a brain injury.","url":"/WNT/video/afghan-massacre-suspect-enlisted-911-15906157","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}