Afghanistan Assassinations: U.S. Officers Killed

Two American officers killed inside Kabul government ministry.
4:08 | 02/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Afghanistan Assassinations: U.S. Officers Killed
-- point blank attack on American officers in Afghanistan. Assassinations carried out in what was supposed to be one of the safest places for US officers a secure compound in Kabul. The deadly attacks come after growing anti American rage triggered by the burning of the Koran and other religious materials being thrown out by the US military. Here's -- we know at this hour those two American officers were shot and killed inside that heavily fortified interior ministry in the Afghan capital. The top US commander there general John Allen immediately ordered all military advisors. Have similar locations that they thought had been secured. Neither fast moving developments tonight we Begin here would ABC's picture for an in Kabul nick. David I've been to the area where these advisors worked and to get there you have to go through three checkpoints. Each with a pat down search and then go through a metal detector. Either the gunman was from the ministry of interior where he was working with someone on the inside. After five days of -- many American troops in Afghanistan are worried nowhere. Is safe this afternoon a man believed to be an Afghan walk through the ministry that controls the police he opened a door with a keypad lock. Inside a US major lieutenant colonel had placed their guns and bulletproof vests on the floor the man shot both in the head. He's yet to be captured. Immediately the top US commander in Afghanistan was to every one of his 200 advisors from Afghan ministries. He was fully aware just how dangerous the Iran according to -- for US troops this week he pleaded with Afghan forces not to punish Americans -- -- -- -- -- -- We ask forgiveness. And but apologies have not been enough many Afghans want -- -- And I have. Then we'll ask you to attack Americans would you attack me would you attack other Americans on the streets of Kabul. We don't care about you he says but if you were a soldier we wouldn't -- yourself you know. And that will deeply disturbed -- Americans and Afghans work together. -- -- have to ask the soldiers to be super human not to expect them to be a little less trusting. Of their Afghan partners as we move forward to senior NATO officials tell me that today's shooting with quote cold blooded murder. They also point out that these cases of Afghan shooting Americans while increasing. Are still rare in fact more than half a dozen Afghan police were injured this week. Defending US bases from angry protesters. David. -- -- in Kabul tonight NIC thanks so much I want to bring in our senior foreign affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz -- traveled to that part of the world so many times and but -- you've reported so much on this delicate relationship with the Afghans the building of this. Partnership -- trust aside from the immediate loss of these two American officers there's a much bigger law. Here to there is David this is a very effective strategy by the enemy I've been with these forces many times and this will separate the Afghan security forces from the Americans not only physically. But psychologically. At a time -- the Americans. Really need to have a strong influence on these forces in immeasurable -- back there and Martha while we have you another headline developing tonight we all remember those images right after the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden. The exclusive pictures you're seeing -- of the compound -- hideout in Pakistan and now comes word of the bulldozers moving him. Bulldozers have moved -- we have those old pictures and pictures from today the pakistanis did this in the deep of night. You can barely make out the compound in these pictures cameras were kept far away. When the bulldozers came and now that compound may symbolize America's success in getting bin Laden. But this was an embarrassing chapter in Pakistan's history as you know David but -- even kill Americans at first -- them not to leveled this compound there's no concern tonight that there's anything left there to mind. While the -- is almost tore -- down right after the raid that killed bin Laden the Americans urged them not to and they were eventually let into the compound. But the intelligence value is now long gone so the Americans are really not complaining about its destruction right.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Two American officers killed inside Kabul government ministry. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15792119","title":"Afghanistan Assassinations: U.S. Officers Killed","url":"/WNT/video/afghanistan-assassinations-us-officers-killed-kabul-government-ministry-international-15792119"}