Afghanistan Shooting Suspect Deployed Four Times

War service, injuries and marital strife could have strained soldier.
3:08 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Afghanistan Shooting Suspect Deployed Four Times
-- case of an American soldier who allegedly put on those night vision goggles and went door to door that Afghan village murdering families. We now know the name of the American soldier and new hints tonight. It just how his lawyer plans to defend him so let's turn right to ABC's Martha Raddatz in our Washington bureau tonight Martha what are you learning. The soldiers being identified tonight David as staff Sargent Robert bales. He is 38 years old you see him there in the -- we are reading quotes from bales during. Iraq he said once during a battle we want started clearing the town we actually started caring people backed out. He was a team leader then he said we go and find some people that we could help. Because there were a bunch of dead people we couldn't throw them on a later and bring them out to the casualty collection point. This is a man who has seen a lot of combat. But tomorrow he will likely be officially charged with sixteen counts of murder. Staff sergeant bales arrives back in the US this evening Wear his newly hired lawyer is already working on the case I don't. He says the accused soldier is highly decorated nominated for a bronze star. Also that he was wounded twice during his four deployments. A brain injury from a vehicle rollover and another -- so serious part of his foot which removed. Brown says the day before the murders this soldier witnessed a friend get his leg blown off. But his lawyer denies reports from officials that bales was having marital problems. John Henry brown has only spoken to his client on the phone but already hinted at a defense strategy -- Confirmed. Citizens. That few more than 75000. Soldiers have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder in the last decade. -- mitigating circumstance that could cause. A jury to determine that the death penalty is not appropriate. The soldier is one of 65000. Who have deployed at least four times there are no reliable statistics from how many have snapped. But from this soldier's own base in Washington State. A string of violent acts one vet killing a park -- another his wife and child. Another shooting innocent Afghans for sport. And David there are hundreds of veterans who have killed themselves in recent years and Martha while we have you -- -- -- following another major development tonight we all remember those images of Osama bin Laden's compound and now amidst all the evidence discovered. Reports of a plan to target President Obama. Exactly there's some fascinating detail from the Washington Post columnist. Who was just showed documents from the bin Laden compound which said that bin Laden wanted to kill President Obama by striking Air Force One. He said that Vice President Biden would then take -- over and bin Laden said he is quote. Totally I'm prepared for that post which will lead the US into a crisis. But David officials believe all of this was just bluster all right Martha Raddatz on both fronts tonight -- our thanks to you.

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{"id":15940758,"title":"Afghanistan Shooting Suspect Deployed Four Times","duration":"3:08","description":"War service, injuries and marital strife could have strained soldier.","url":"/WNT/video/afghanistan-shooting-suspect-deployed-times-15940758","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}