Aftermath of Trump’s impeachment trial includes firings

Gordon Sondland, ambassador to European Union, was the most recent to be fired.
2:05 | 02/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aftermath of Trump’s impeachment trial includes firings
The aftermath of president trumps impeachment trial and the rapid fire dismissals of key witnesses in that proceeding. Cortisol or Lindy EU ambassador. The latest to be shown the door fired last night hours earlier of lieutenant colonel Alexander vin men and his twin brother were both removed from the national security posts. Moves that appear to be retribution here's ABC's David Wright tonight. Tonight president trump defended the White House purge of people he says were disloyal during impeachment every one. Was in the loop. It was no secret among them ambassador Gorton Saarland recalled late last night. And the National Security Council staff member kicked out of the White House Friday lieutenant colonel he'd been. And his twin brother rent. Alexander veneman testified about Trump's July phone call with the Ukrainian president. In which trump brought up investigating Joseph Biden are is concerned by the Carl. What I heard was inappropriate. Well I'm not happy whether they got the face of a happy about not. Today trump said Binh Minh was very in subordinate reported contents of my perfect calls incorrectly. And was given up her rental this report by his superior. Women's lawyer accused the president of lying. Insisting Trump's claims conflict with the clear personnel record and the entirety of the impeachment record. One White House speaks in words wait time. Earlier House Speaker Nancy Pelosi objected to White House threats of payback. But they're saying isn't going to be paid back to us. For upholding the constitution of the United States. Last night in new Hampshire democratic candidates objected to stand up Red Sox from Redmond. Okay. But at a truck campaign office in New Hampshire today. No regrets you're yesterday. If article that unreasonable. Of the twelve witnesses who testified publicly only four are still in their jobs the rest have either left. Or been reassigned Tom.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Gordon Sondland, ambassador to European Union, was the most recent to be fired.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68852872","title":"Aftermath of Trump’s impeachment trial includes firings","url":"/WNT/video/aftermath-trumps-impeachment-trial-includes-firings-68852872"}