Air Disaster: 11 People Survive Plane Crash in Taiwan

Heavy rains and a dangerous storm may have contributed to TransAsia Airways jet crash.
2:11 | 07/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Air Disaster: 11 People Survive Plane Crash in Taiwan
Yet another passenger plane has gone down this time in Taiwan and this time stormy weather may have played a role. Even as we mourn the passengers on the plane that was shot down tonight we are hearing from survivors of this plane in Taiwan. Survivors who somehow managed to walk away alive. ABC's David Curley who covers aviation for us has the very latest on their stories. The remains of this passenger plane holds down a mangled mess in a week is seen some ramifications. Season. Some good news here though somehow eleven people survived this crash according to local reports. One girl climbing out of the wreckage borrowing a cell phone and calling her mother saying mom my plane crashed. Still 47 others were trapped in siding killed. Relatives learning the news at the airport. The aircraft and ATR 72 is a twin turboprop which can carry up to 74 passengers he was flown by Taiwan's trans Asia Airways. -- to go down. The falling -- you see in these pictures was much heavier and may have contributed to the crash into some buildings. This typhoon -- memo had just passed over the islands in fact the flight's departure had been delayed for an hour 45 minutes because the heavy storm. Finally taking off a little before 6 in the evening. But just a little more than an hour later the twin prop plane attempted to land at the -- -- violence the first landing with the plane just 300 feet above the runway. Aborted by the pilot the second time around. The plane went down off airport grounds under lights recovery crews worked in a black box has already been found. It has been a tough week but generally deaths and aviation accidents are down and -- survival for some. Generally it's those riding in the back of the plane -- make it out alive. It's in the day we got to look at the whole picture and the whole picture is that flying remains. -- safer than you even getting in the car and driving to the grocery store in the Taiwan incident the good news is that investigators have that black box and they will know very soon whether or not this half what happened in the last couple of seconds. Before that crash I am sorry David -- reporting and thank you David.

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{"id":24688054,"title":"Air Disaster: 11 People Survive Plane Crash in Taiwan","duration":"2:11","description":"Heavy rains and a dangerous storm may have contributed to TransAsia Airways jet crash.","url":"/WNT/video/air-disaster-11-people-survive-plane-crash-taiwan-24688054","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}