Air Drop Delivers Blood to Cruise Passenger

Coast Guard responds to a medical emergency aboard an ocean liner.
1:51 | 01/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Air Drop Delivers Blood to Cruise Passenger
More than a week now after that cruise ship capsized off Italy we learned of a different emergency on the water today this one in the middle of the Pacific. A passenger severely ill on an ocean liner hundreds of miles from Hawaii. Triggering a dramatic and -- response by the Coast Guard here's ABC's Lisa stark tonight with pictures. It was a call for help from the carnival spirit bound for Hawaii that -- the Coast Guard scrambling. On board as seriously ill passenger a 67 year old woman. We knew that it was a time critical. Issue so. We were able to get on scene. Face their first -- The -- ship was initially 900 miles off -- too far for a helicopter evacuation. To the Coast Guard in Honolulu launched a C 130 airplane instead. To deliver critical medical supplies so cruise -- doctors could stabilize the patient supplies including blood and plasma. We grabbed -- from our cooler to keep the blood cold. And we just kind roll with the punches it all went like -- work. With twelve million Americans -- -- year medical emergencies happen. Plucking someone off the ship is dangerous but sometimes it's the only option. -- should do have doctors and nurses 24 hour medical care here's an exam room X -- different -- leaders portable oxygen. And those facilities are professionally staffed professionally run. And are quite capable of stabilizing patients in an emergency. But it is not a floating hospital as passenger Dan Adams found out. He suffered an acute appendicitis. And had to be evacuated by two navy Blackhawk helicopters to save his life. As for the woman on the carnival cruise ship after the -- she was stabilized. And is now back -- sure in the hospital. Lisa stark ABC news Washington.

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{"id":15443765,"title":"Air Drop Delivers Blood to Cruise Passenger","duration":"1:51","description":"Coast Guard responds to a medical emergency aboard an ocean liner.","url":"/WNT/video/air-drop-delivers-blood-cruise-passenger-15443765","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}