Air Travel Safety: New Rules?

Government may reconsider use of personal electronics on planes.
2:41 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Air Travel Safety: New Rules?
For ten years now we've all taken off our shoes shut off our devices in the face of those constantly tightening rules at the airport. And on board passenger jets but tonight assigned the government may be ready to reconsider federal authorities confirm they are not taking a new look at the strict rules about turning off laptops and I -- And starting today and for airports people over 75 years old will be able to move through security faster than before. ABC's senior national correspondent Jim -- has the story. The TSA doesn't want this to happen anymore a 2010. Hands on search of a three Euro. Gone viral on the Internet today is cast and all getting the once over. The TSA points out this was two years ago -- kids under twelve are no longer routinely subjected. The jacket and shoe removal or embarrassing pat downs. And beginning today the same is true for the elderly. At four major airports this when in Denver -- Chicago Portland and Orlando new less intrusive procedures for travelers over 75. If when he. Are able to focus more resource is and passengers that may potentially be -- higher risk. Then that just makes good security sense. And now the FAA addressing another passenger sore point. Alec Baldwin learned the hardware thrown off the plane for playing games on this PDA. He jokes about it now to -- On -- not on the runway. I have an iPhone. And I rekindle. I have MacBook Air. None of which can be use from the time the door is closed until 101000 feet it's. So harmless. -- rule often ignored and a flight today from New York to Washington DC. Three people around -- remained on portable devices after the announcement. David Hoffman traveling to South Florida today. Says he's not one of those who ignores the rule but feels change is overdue -- takes time for the FAA together and now rumblings of change the FAA asking airlines to take a new look at PDA use after all pilots on two major domestic airlines already use them in the cockpit. And there is no hard evidence the devices can bring down a -- but before passenger use each model must be tested safe and each different kind of play. How can a 500 dollar device anybody can buy. Bring down an airline in all right now we don't know so therefore the better option -- -- -- at all. And keep it off for now experts say it could take two years to complete all that test. Jim -- ABC news Washington.

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{"id":15957378,"title":"Air Travel Safety: New Rules?","duration":"2:41","description":"Government may reconsider use of personal electronics on planes.","url":"/WNT/video/air-travel-safety-rules-15957378","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}