Airlines Increase Efficiency, but Face More Passenger Complaints

Customers more frustrated despite signs that air travel has improved.
2:01 | 04/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Airlines Increase Efficiency, but Face More Passenger Complaints
serving passengers. But my guess is that comes as a surprise to most of you, because that new report also shows passenger complaints rose 20% last year. Why are flyers so irritated when air travel seems to be improving? David kerley has some answers. Reporter: You may not have enjoyed your last flight, but there is good news for the airlines. The new report card shows they are getting you there on time more often and losing your bags less. What's important is getting from point a to point b on time. Reporter: But many passengers aren't happy, even downright grumpy, that 20% surge in complaints. They're a little bit more like buses. They're making money at the expense of the wishes of the traveling public. Reporter: That has included cutting capacity, which means fuller planes, 83% full, the highest level in more than 65 years. It's cram us in, get us there and move along. Reporter: And the airlines are figuring out ways to put even more seats on board, including making the already small bathrooms even smaller. Delta says it can fit four more seats, which was humorous to "saturday night live." Because the top two complaints about air travel are, the bathrooms are too big, and there aren't enough people on my flight. Reporter: An expert calls it the sardine effect. If you went through an entire airplane cabin and you could get in one more row of six, that could be the difference between profitability and bankruptcy. Reporter: Airlines point accounted flying is the safety mode of transportation and fares spr not jumped dramatically. And there are ways to get your complaints heard. One of them is probably in your hand. The airlines are big on social media. Tweet a concern, you may get an answer quickly. If you have a problem, use the gate agent versus the phone line to make a change. And know your options, is there another airline that can get you home. It may feel more like a bus, but flying is still usually faster. And coming up, what helped

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{"id":18909940,"title":"Airlines Increase Efficiency, but Face More Passenger Complaints","duration":"2:01","description":"Customers more frustrated despite signs that air travel has improved.","url":"/WNT/video/airlines-increase-efficiency-face-passenger-complaints-18909940","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}