Al Qaeda Ties in Nigeria Bombings?

Bombing of Catholic churches attributed to growing tribe of radical Islamists.
1:33 | 12/26/11

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Transcript for Al Qaeda Ties in Nigeria Bombings?
Pope Benedict condemned the bombing of Catholic churches by a growing tribe of radical islamists with possible ties to al-Qaeda. ABC's Kelly can be AO reports on what is happening to Christians and one part of Africa. And one of the holiest days of the year Christmas hope turns to horror. -- -- Explosions ripped through five churches in Nigeria as Christians celebrated the holiday. At least 35 people died local hospitals -- overflowing with the injured. Reports. -- -- I'm not conduct an -- and it was a coordinated attack the work of local -- wrong. A congressional report last month -- the group is an emerging threat because of its rapid rise and possible links to al-Qaeda. Violence between Nigerian Christians and Muslims is not -- -- a report by a Catholic aid agency found attacks on Christians are on the rise here. And around the world. In Egypt Christians protested after thirteen were killed and churches burned earlier this year. 100000. Christians -- reportedly fled that country since the fall of Hosni Mubarak. You've got more people who are engaging in what they view as vigilante justice. Going after Christians and other religious minorities that they -- the -- Nigeria's president has promised justice. A promise Christians in his country -- he'll keep. Kelly -- -- ABC news London.

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{"id":15236410,"title":"Al Qaeda Ties in Nigeria Bombings?","duration":"1:33","description":"Bombing of Catholic churches attributed to growing tribe of radical Islamists.","url":"/WNT/video/al-qaeda-ties-nigeria-bombings-15236410","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}