Alabama Bunker Hostage Safe at Home with Family

ABC News exclusive reveals how Ethan celebrated his newfound freedom.
3:06 | 02/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alabama Bunker Hostage Safe at Home with Family
The first video we're seeing of the little boy held captive in a bunker for nearly a -- -- nation holding its breath and now a mother holding her little boy again. Tonight ABC anchor David Muir is just back from Alabama with exclusive pictures and you met with the family David and how is he doing you know what you can is smiling -- Diana you'll see for yourself right here tonight so what's his mom his brother his entire family. Grateful for that rescue grateful they were able to throw him that birthday party. That team getting him out just before he turned six. Tonight in ABC news exclusive. This is Ethan -- boy held in the bunker Al home with his mother his family. -- smiling again. -- -- telling us they hoped he would show America their little boy is back. And tonight for the first time the images from. Taken captive just days before is birthday the entire town had hoped and prayed this party and they held -- his family his friends. And the heroes the team that saved him the FBI agent who made the call to move -- Approximately 312 this afternoon. FBI agents safely recovered the child has been held hostage for nearly a week for the first time includes immediate families -- -- older brother telling us how difficult it was for his mother. Not able to hold the boy who loved to be -- who loved to be tucked in night. There was very hard not -- the physically touched down him. Can't really be there for him. The family telling me they knew little about the minute by minute surveillance of that bunker about the crying for his mother. About the rare moment of joy negotiators could hear when -- toys were passed through that hatch on the top of the bunker. Just to date aerial pictures investigators digging all -- -- bunker as they continue to sort through the evidence we learned that every night the family would depend on that team. Waiting for a text message when Ethan would go to sleep. We didn't know when. At times he was asleep and was -- around my pocket map. So they would at least be able to tell you he's gone to bed for the night yet was that at least some comfort that was actually a lot of them -- Mexico -- But as the hours turned -- days and -- mother grew more nervous ABC news has learned that there was a moment but the FBI special agent in charge grew very nervous too. Telling us he's suddenly knew they run out of time to negotiate. How close you think his mother wants to -- me and I thought it was going on. It. We all thought it was going he made it clear he was going -- we -- he made it very clear that he was gonna execute his plan. And that was the day. He was chillingly candid as we spoke one on one with a special agent in charge tonight -- point one -- hear what it was that led to that -- to move in and quickly. Thank and they fool the gunman into coming closer to -- -- the top of the bunker. And we'll tell you what they did to trick him at just the right time and has -- spoken about that yet that's -- I asked the family to the city's not so the word about the bunker or the man we do know he was super cheerful -- the birthday party there's been one other trip Diane. To Toys -- Us.

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{"id":18446164,"title":"Alabama Bunker Hostage Safe at Home with Family","duration":"3:06","description":"ABC News exclusive reveals how Ethan celebrated his newfound freedom.","url":"/WNT/video/alabama-bunker-hostage-safe-home-family-18446164","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}