Alabama Home Hit Twice by Tornadoes

Twisters destroy James and Judy Hodges' house twice in one year.
3:01 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Alabama Home Hit Twice by Tornadoes
We wanted to see more of the destruction now in Alabama Steve and -- -- has that he's in harvest Alabama. And Steve tell us about it. Indeed -- and the tornado that came and took this home destroyed it. After -- -- just been rebuilt from a tornado that took it away last April for the family that lives here. This was beyond frustrating and the night it's -- James and Judy Hodges quite a good cry wiped away tears and said goodbye to their home for the second time in as many months. -- -- -- -- I just right handed to go through. They were playing -- -- he was born in this house they were buried here this is what it looked like before tornado destroyed last April. The twister that destroyed the home again today hit even harder. They're alive because of this shelter. We're mostly. In two months later we didn't. -- I'll let supply and god god save the big picture we -- Today the warnings in the sirens here who were started blaring near Huntsville. This is actually. A yet serious situation. A tornado -- -- the tornado on the ground level dozens of homes -- pieces off the roof of a maximum security prison. And sent nearly a dozen residents local hospital. The National Weather Service says wind speeds here we're near a 130. Miles an hour. And the tornado was on the ground here for at least ten miles when you start deal with somebody over ten miles to continue -- track on the ground that's very -- while. -- emergency operations centers across the region. Worried residents were bringing in their radios to get them program and repaired. With an apparent signs -- around my house this morning even as we stood here with the Hodges there was another tornado in the sky. -- -- -- And -- sent word to me that the Hodges had lessons they have learned from the first time around. Well there -- many people who were watching this much more closely paying much more attention to the forecast also this time around. Residents were getting warnings and alerts on their cell phones and on their -- -- they were watching this and ready. When the tornadoes came through right Steve -- -- reporting in from Alabama and now one more view of this storm from TJ Winick keys. In another part of the -- Smithfield Tennessee TJ. Diane good evening this is evidence of the destruction the tornado caused earlier in the week here in Smith filled today on Friday it was all about other parts of the state. Like Chattanooga where 68 people were sent to the hospital after wind rain and -- How did that -- at least twenty homes were ripped off their foundations and Hamilton County at national airport it was a wild scene. We're bulbs were actually asked the hunkered down in the -- -- while the storm talk about fifteen to twenty minutes to pass over. Things got so bad and Bradley county Tennessee at one point that the emergency operations center was relying on a generator for power.

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{"id":15837058,"title":"Alabama Home Hit Twice by Tornadoes","duration":"3:01","description":"Twisters destroy James and Judy Hodges' house twice in one year.","url":"/WNT/video/alabama-home-hit-tornadoes-15837058","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}