Alabama Hostage Crisis Enters Day 5

Secret negotiations to get young boy to freedom, child thanks kidnapper for care.
2:37 | 02/02/13

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Transcript for Alabama Hostage Crisis Enters Day 5
that standoff playing out in the small town in alabama. At the center of it all, a little 5-year-old boy, who for five days now has been held under ground in a bunker, pulled off a school bus, out of the front seat where he loved to sit. Smiles replaced with reports of cries down below. Teams of law enforcement have arrived standing watch. Neighbors lighting candles standing vigil. As temperatures are expected to plummet, authorities are saying little about how they could get this boy out. Abc's gio benitez. Reporter: Five days into this dramatic standoff, we're learning that hostage-taker jimmy lee dykes has been in constant contact with negotiators. Letting them send things to that little boy held hostage, 5-year-old ethan. Through a pipe leading to the underground bunker. He's also allowed us to provide coloring books, medication, toys. And I want to thank him for taking care of our child. That's very important. Reporter: It's unclear what kind of medication, but the boy reportedly has adhd and a form of autism. Police don't think that dykes has physically harmed the boy. But we know that he has been crying. The bunker has an electric heater. But below the surface, there are near-freezing temperatures. Last tuesday, it was just like any other school day. Little ethan was sitting in his favorite seat in the front of the bus. I looked up. He was threatening to kill us. He said, I'll kill you all. Reporter: She was on that bus and said that dykes walked in and gave the driver a note. Before shooting him dead and then running off with ethan in his arms. One of dykes' neighbors said that his behavior was so bizarre in the weeks before the shooting that they should have told somebody. I regret not warning some of the neighbors of some of his tendencies. And telling them that he's the type of guy that you might need to stay away from. That he could be dangerous in the future. Reporter: Meanwhile, ethan is a boy who loves to be hugged. Cindy is like family to him and said that he doesn't know a stranger. If ethan could watch this right now, what would you say to him? Hang tough, little man. We love you. Reporter: And tonight, we have learned that ethan's birthday is just next week, so suddenly this new reality so suddenly this new reality could spend his sixth birthday in captivity.

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{"id":18387814,"title":"Alabama Hostage Crisis Enters Day 5","duration":"2:37","description":"Secret negotiations to get young boy to freedom, child thanks kidnapper for care.","url":"/WNT/video/alabama-hostage-crisis-enters-day-18387814","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}