Alabama Hostage Standoff: Boy, 5, Held Captive in Bunker

Jimmy Lee Dykes allegedly kidnapped the boy at gunpoint from his school bus.
4:26 | 01/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alabama Hostage Standoff: Boy, 5, Held Captive in Bunker
And, in alabama tonight, law enforcement officials are searching for enough wisdom to prevent a tragedy. A standoff is under way, a frightened 5-year-old boy held hostage in an underground bunker. His captor has a gun. So, what should police do next? Abc's gio benitez is there. Reporter: Just beyond that line of trees, a 5-year-old boy named ethan is spending his third terrifying day in captivity. Dozens of police and s.W.A.T. Teams have the property in this tiny alabama town surrounded. Hostage negotiators have been talking regularly to the kidnapper, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes, through a ventilation pipe. That's an innocent kid, let him go back to his parents. He's crying for his parents and his grandparents and he does not know what's going on. Reporter: Police say the two are in a six by eight foot bunker four feet underground. I've actually seen the hole, the bunker he's in now. He's got steps made out of cinder blocks going down to it. Reporter: Authorities say the veteran has enough supplies to last for weeks. He is allowing the boy, described as a child with autism, to watch television and take medicatn sent down through that pipe. Alabama state senator harri anne smith has been with the child's mother since the beginning of the standoff. Ethan's mom did want me to convey a message to the community and the people of this area, that she's extremely grateful for all the prayers. That that's what's getting her through. Reporter: The ordeal began tuesday, when the suspect stormed a school bus, demanding to remove children. A heroic bus driver, charles poland, was shot and killed trying to protect them. We're just hoping for that day that we can bring the little boy home. Safely to his family. Reporter: The motive for the kidnapping is not yet clear. And aside from saying that the suspect is, quote, sleeping some, authorities are releasing very few details about this, in hopes that it all ends peacefully.

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{"id":18370818,"title":"Alabama Hostage Standoff: Boy, 5, Held Captive in Bunker","duration":"4:26","description":"Jimmy Lee Dykes allegedly kidnapped the boy at gunpoint from his school bus.","url":"/WNT/video/alabama-hostage-standoff-boy-held-captive-bunker-18370818","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}