Alda Turns Scientists Into Actors

Actor, 76, brings his first love of science to children.
3:52 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Alda Turns Scientists Into Actors
Now our person of the week we all know as kids we start out asking why him why and what -- -- but the double sometimes forget to make the answers and adventure. So what does a beloved icon Alan -- have to do -- that what we read recently that he just decided to try to turn scientists and actors. He's even launched a worldwide contest. On behalf of eleven year old children. Court asking questions about -- I was eleven years old. I I got fascinated with the pulling money -- for days I would look at this -- -- think what is it what's going on and so a year to teacher. What's a plane and teacher -- per second and said it's oxidation. And -- is it somebody set a wonderful thing about it they called that the Kurtz of knowledge. Didn't they don't seem to go to get it but actually if you know something really well sometimes you forget what it's like not to know that. What it's like to be -- -- curious little boy named Alfonso -- -- so. Growing up in New York City the son of actor who wanted him to be a doctor so he took a chemistry course. In the final exam I got ten out of -- hundred. When my final Paper so that that that professor called me into his office and looked at my agreements and why are you here. -- I'm here to make my father happy. But as we all know Alan Alda would grow to be better at. Medicine on TV as the beloved Hawkeye Pierce on the TV show mash up -- -- And then a long career parking across stage and screen. And now 1576. Years old he is returning the favor to his first -- science and to all those children so alive with curiosity. And the people about to teach them -- take a look at this chances are it's plastic. -- more personal. Like his own -- teaching and improper class at Stony Brook university but instead of theater students these are the stars of chemistry. Biology physics. Learning to bring passion. To the expression of their ideas. It adds an extra element this gave it some kind of -- improvising is not making things up it's making contact. So if you concentrating amendment in that concentrating on. Worrying how you doing might affect his voice too funny you know and I remember the big words that only goes away you just don't use too. And next just wonderful so -- can form how. -- number and it. But I forgot about it what we were to -- -- it. And -- is also launching the most inspired contest on the planet. He's challenging scientists all around the globe to answer that question what is -- -- And do it in a way that keeps them under alive. And guess who he is inviting to judge them eleven year old you're -- judges. And -- these caves are. -- have been lined up in all over the United States. In Thailand. New Zealand or Australia. Even an -- region eclipse and it's so exciting that that they wanted want to judge these. These scientists and -- one man on a mission to -- up the mines. That will light up the road to the future what's expression. -- Open. -- -- about that you know that would be great. And so we truth. Alan Alda and his wild -- idea. -- this inspire children in twenty countries around the world.

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{"id":15991203,"title":"Alda Turns Scientists Into Actors","duration":"3:52","description":"Actor, 76, brings his first love of science to children. ","url":"/WNT/video/alan-alda-turns-scientists-actors-15991203","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}