Algerian Hostage Crisis, Survivors Share Stories

Freed hostages recall brutal and harrowing experience inside gas plant.
1:45 | 01/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Algerian Hostage Crisis, Survivors Share Stories
hearing more of the portrait of the terror inside from those who managed to flee. Those workers who had to walked passed the dead. Many have been flown to italy, at the island of sicily. Where abc's nick schifrin is tonight. Reporter: David, u.S. Officials tell us about a dozen survivors are recuperating at the u.S. Naval base here in sicily. They are just beginning to come to term with the trauma they suffered. They are all shell shocked and barely made it out alive. I don't remember, it happened so fast. Reporter: Survivors describe scenes of fear and brutality. For more than 80 hours they did anything to stay alive. Many were beaten and witnessed executions. We are lucky that we are still alive. Reporter: Stephen mcfaul called his wife after escaping. His hands had been tied and he had to wear explosives strapped to his chest. She describes the experience as hd as truly horrific. Reporter: Mark grant and others hid for four days, surviving by scrambling up on the roof or locking themselves inside rooms, hoping terrorists wouldn't get through the door. We barricaded together in one of the offices, we locked the door we put desk on the door. Reporter: And for those who survived, there is relief. Many are on their way home, desperate to return to their families. The guys who picked us up, the rescue guys who had been in there were wonderful, they were like long lost friends. Reporter: But those are the fortate. Many are still missing. The daughters of scottish hostage kenneth whiteside took to twitter. They haven't heard from him since the siege began. Torrent, theres also concern about the fate of u.S. Officials who remain unaccounted for. For the survivors, david, security officials and psychologists are debriefing them, helping them begin the process of healing from this horrible siege.

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{"id":18260109,"title":"Algerian Hostage Crisis, Survivors Share Stories","duration":"1:45","description":"Freed hostages recall brutal and harrowing experience inside gas plant.","url":"/WNT/video/algerian-hostage-crisis-survivors-share-stories-18260109","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}