Alleged Boston Bombers' Mother May Have Been on Terrorist Watch List

Man who was carjacked at gunpoint by bombing suspects tells unimaginable story of survival.
3:21 | 04/26/13

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Transcript for Alleged Boston Bombers' Mother May Have Been on Terrorist Watch List
You've see the mother of the alleged bombers talk about her sons. This evening, abc news has learned that she was put on a terrorist watch list more than a year ago. Tonight, investigators searching for the lap top used by the surviving brother before the bombing. And that suspect, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, has been moved to this federal prison 40 miles from boston. All of this fast moving, as we hear for the first time from the car jacking victim, who describes what it was like to escape that car with those brothers. Abc's linsey davis, who has been in boston from the start, with us and leading us off right here tonight. Good evening. Reporter: Good evening, david. That's right. The big headline tonight. Abc news has learned that the suspects' mother was herself on a terror watch list. This as we're starting to learn mom those who came face to face with the suspects. Tonight, abc news has confirmed the suspects' mother, zubeidat tsarnaeva, was added to a terror watch list along with her older son in 2011 at the cia's request described as a religious militant. It remains unclear what led them to that. My kids were not involved. Reporter: And tonight, chilling new details from the one person trapped with them. The carjacking victim helped to prevent more bloodshed. Authorities say he might have prevented the alleged boston bombers from targeting new york times square next. A young man from china, just 26 years old, who asked to be called simply, danny. The older brother unlocks the door, gets in, points a silver handgun at danny. Reporter: He described the 90 terrifying minutes to "the bostonglobe." Did danny feel like he was going to die? He thought he was going to die. Reporter: In that car, he listened as the two brothers talked to each other. About girls, their phones, music. The whole time fearing he would be next, danny was trying to figure out how he could escape. The car they chose to carjack low on gas. They pull into the gas station. The younger brother went in to pay. The older brother puts his gun down and begins working the gps in the car, and that was the moment. I did it very fast, danny said. Using my left hand and right hand simultaneously to open the door, unfasten my seat belt, jump out and go. The victim said he ran at an angle so when the brother grabbed his gun, it would be harder to shoot him. He hid in a closet at the gas station across thetreet and then called 911. Meantime, tonight, another voice. The guy with the hat, the glasses, the aviators and the 5:00 shadow. Reporter: Offbauman, who in the hospital with both of his legs blown off, described tamerlan's face. The only man without a smile. Just that one guy, you know, he didn't look like he was having a good time. Li like, I just looked at him, what's this guy's problem. Linsey back with us now. I wanted to ask you somebody that pierre thomas reported in to us late today. There's indication at this point that the brothers might have had more help than just the internet in making his bombs? Reporter: That's right. Some investigators are saying that they believe that the older brother must have had outside training to help make these bombs but they just can't prove it yet.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Man who was carjacked at gunpoint by bombing suspects tells unimaginable story of survival.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19053752","title":"Alleged Boston Bombers' Mother May Have Been on Terrorist Watch List","url":"/WNT/video/alleged-boston-bombers-mother-terrorist-watch-list-19053752"}