Amanda Knox Defends 'F-ing Throat Slit' Comment

Knox says she was angry after learning about her roommate's murder.
3:00 | 04/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Knox Defends 'F-ing Throat Slit' Comment
Been one of the friend said I hope she didn't suffer your quoted as saying how could she not she got her. F -- throat slit. Who is that. I was angry. I was pacing. Thinking about what. Meredith west must've been through minority. -- through hours of questioning. And her friends came much later and they were much more vulnerable and in that moment I wasn't. Sensitive enough to their feelings but what I was hearing was that somebody. Did something horrible to my friend and I could not conceive. How it could be anything but how horrible once and that's what my explanation was all about it again I just -- -- -- it. You can -- That this does not look like green. Does not read as great. I think everyone's reaction to something horrible is different and I went through multiple emotions in the reaction to what. I found out -- I discovered about what happened to Meredith. Part of it was shock and disbelief part of it was sadness part of it was anger part of it was this stubborn. The -- -- to do. What I thought an adult would do which was help. These were all my reactions. And one of the things that IA. And that and guided. My -- My behavior in that moment was I didn't want to be afraid. And so. I put on this front -- it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay just doing it got to do and that moment. Me bursting out that. She must have suffered was being insensitive -- friends. -- was mean reacting to that incredible brutality of color. And what I was hearing about it I had. I've been hearing that my friend's throat had been so I. I and I still didn't know what. Happened. I was still under the assumption that someone had stuffed her body into a closet. Like nothing. And I was reacting and a number of points.

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{"id":19076490,"title":"Amanda Knox Defends 'F-ing Throat Slit' Comment","duration":"3:00","description":"Knox says she was angry after learning about her roommate's murder.","url":"/WNT/video/amanda-knox-defends-throat-slit-comment-19076490","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}