America Preps New Show of Force Towards Iran

Tensions rise sharply over Tehran's nuclear program.
1:52 | 01/28/12

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Transcript for America Preps New Show of Force Towards Iran
Ron tonight at a new report today the Wall Street Journal that the Pentagon might be building a bigger bomb. To prepare to take out Iran's nuclear program the report comes as we also learn a floating naval base is now preparing to head to the Persian gulf. ABC's David Curley and what this all means tonight. The Navy SEALs are about to get a ship a floating base. Set to be retired just weeks ago tonight the USS Ponce say is on a fast track rebuilt to head to the Persian gulf searching for mines and adversaries. When it's gonna be is a mother ship -- special operations forces that will allow the US to -- -- deploy our special operations warriors. To really difficult parts the world. The Ponce say is getting cranes -- -- -- The ability to dock twelve small boats space report helicopters for video teleconference rooms -- -- on board operations center. Also tonight attention on another weapon the mega bomb known as a bunker buster. The Pentagon is going back to the drawing board and -- congress for more money. It turns out the 30000 pound bomb might not penetrate far enough to destroy Iran's underground nuclear facilities. Defense Secretary Panetta told the Wall Street Journal quote we're still working at it we're going to have that capability soon. And this is true preparation this isn't just sending a message to -- it's -- preparation. The messages -- -- also getting through to the -- Tehran. As President Obama told Diane -- this week that he hopes economic sanctions are the weapon that changes Iran's course. But he wants these military weapons to -- and -- the toughest sanctions ever we're not take any options off table. The Iranians threaten to close the Strait of Hormuz of a specific aircraft carrier returned to the Persian gulf well a week ago another US carrier did and of the Persian gulf. And the Iranians have not -- tested its presence at all.

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{"id":15465053,"title":"America Preps New Show of Force Towards Iran","duration":"1:52","description":"Tensions rise sharply over Tehran's nuclear program. ","url":"/WNT/video/america-preps-show-force-iran-missile-tensions-middle-east-tehrans-nuclear-program-politics-15465053","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}