American Airlines Grounds Half of 757 Fleet

Another setback for airline as FAA administers a second round of monitored fixes.
3:00 | 10/04/12

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Transcript for American Airlines Grounds Half of 757 Fleet
We turn and we have breaking news to tell you about tonight American Airlines grounding planes after three of their planes were forced to land because rows of seats were coming unbolted in -- ABC's senior national correspondent Jim -- now telling us the latest Jim. -- American tonight grounded half its fleet of 750 -- this domestic long range -- course. Taken out of service for a second round of FAA monitored fixes to prevent passenger seats from becoming dislodged in the air. At one point one of them even flew -- -- turned over backwards into the world behind it the airlines engineering team. Decided the locking mechanism that secures the seats of the floor. Must be enhance its another setback for American which suffered record delays in September for what it blamed on labor troubles claiming its pilots intentionally caused delays twice as often as its competitors something the pilots' union is denied. The seat issue though ratcheted up the only airline troubles to a safety issue the seats -- three flights came and hid. Just yesterday American said it it finished its inspections. But now is ordering mechanics to fix the seats again whatever the 48 planes involved land next anywhere in the country. A move that will cause cancellations and more delays. Through Saturday for America.

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{"id":17400957,"title":"American Airlines Grounds Half of 757 Fleet","duration":"3:00","description":"Another setback for airline as FAA administers a second round of monitored fixes.","url":"/WNT/video/american-airlines-grounds-half-757-fleet-17400957","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}