American Athletes Win Big at Olympics

Team USA brings home gold, silver, bronze in men's slopestyle skiing event.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for American Athletes Win Big at Olympics
Now, we head overseas to the olympic games in Russia where some American athletes won big today and we're looking closely to those fierce figure skaters, graceful women flying through the air and crashing on the ice. ABC's Matt Gutman on the ice and on the slopes torrent. Reporter: A dazzling olympic debut for daredevil slopestyle skiing. We've seen women athletes soaring, helicoptering in the air all at speeds over 50 miles per hour. And today, the American men swoop into history. Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy and nick goepper sweeping the event, only the third time in wichbter olympic history. It's going through the air, three rotations, four rotations, they're landing basically on a butter knife. Reporter: Watch American pair skaters Marissa Castelli and Simon shnapir. Watch again. See how high she goes. Keep in mind, he's 6' 4". Look as she rotates four times, barely landing it. We're seeing moves rarely displayed in olympic competition. This Chinese pair performing the quad twist. Catch that? Watch again. She rotates one, two, three, four times high above his head. Watch Germans aliona savchenko and robion szolkowy in the last five seconds of their program. They attempt a triple Axel to rack up points for the win. Watch again. Keep in mind this is savchenko's with her legs so tired, she just can't hold on. They finish fourth. It takes a terrible toll on the athletes' bodies and their psyches. Ice skating is arguably the unforgiving of olympic events. A single stumble could push an athlete out of figure skating. Matt, great to have you

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{"id":22508768,"title":"American Athletes Win Big at Olympics","duration":"3:00","description":"Team USA brings home gold, silver, bronze in men's slopestyle skiing event.","url":"/WNT/video/american-athletes-win-big-olympics-22508768","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}