Solider Arrested While Boarding Plane

Man was caught carrying explosives in his bag; intentions remain unclear.
1:16 | 01/01/12

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Transcript for Solider Arrested While Boarding Plane
Growing questions about the intentions of an American soldier arrested. Well prepared to board a flight -- -- family authorities say hid explosives. In his carry on bag here's ABC Cecilia Vega tonight. Of trying to -- -- New Year's deep like with explosives in his carry on -- While terrorists the suspect -- Scott Atwater. Thirty year old soldier traveling with his family headed back to his North Carolina military base after visiting relatives in Texas. It was during an X ray screening at the Midland international airport that TSA agents spotted the bag and -- suspicious item. The kind of explosives used by the military for demolitions like this. This Watters return flight raising questions about whether he managed to fly with the C four explosives during the first leg of his trip. And what exactly he planned to do with them. But there's no indication at this point that there was he was wanted to do anything malicious and -- -- in his carry on bag -- -- had some sort of detonator. And authorities say there was no detonator and therefore no threat to passengers. And law enforcement sources tell us this looks more like a dumb move -- an act of terror. -- -- now facing federal charters for trying to bring explosives on an airplane.

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{"id":15270449,"title":"Solider Arrested While Boarding Plane ","duration":"1:16","description":"Man was caught carrying explosives in his bag; intentions remain unclear. ","url":"/WNT/video/american-solider-arrested-boarding-plane-explosives-bag-intentions-unclear-us-15270449","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}