Americans flock to beaches to beat the heat

Concerns grow as many choose to not abide by social distancing guidelines.
3:16 | 07/20/20

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Transcript for Americans flock to beaches to beat the heat
Next the dire emergency is Kobe cases are now rising all over the country and some leaders consider rolling back the reopening plants. In Texas one of eight states reporting a record number of fatalities this week. Refrigerated mobile morgues brought in amid fears that the death pull will rise. And now the mayor of Los Angeles warning that the hard hit city may have to shut down once again. Here's ABC's Trevor alt. Tonight in the searing heat of. Summer Americans flocking to beaches for relief often at the cost of social distancing. Casey is now rising in 80% of states across the country including California the mayor of Los Angelos now fearing another stay at home mortar. I think we're on the brink of that we have to be as vigilant right now as we were the first Dave. Florida logging 121400. Cases today the State's fifth day in a row of at least 101049. Hospitals they are with zero available icu beds in Texas new video of the State's grim reality. Refrigerated mobile mortgage rolled into El Paso in anticipation of a mounting death told. Are going to be depths and we have to plan and have for that. Texas one of eight states that set new records for daily deaths this week. But the daily death count is rising in more than half the country in Arizona Phoenix postmaster Humberto Trujillo among the many lives lost. She knows how. Eager and need church. You sure. You. States now desperately trying to contain the virus at least one New York City restaurant temporarily banned from street seating following these massive crowds in Queens. While in Kentucky a couple who authorities say wouldn't agree to fourteen after testing positive has now been put on house arrest. Neighboring Ohio setting a record for new cases this weekend the governor not ruling out a return to a statewide mass mandate. Go on the wrong way we're crucial. Time and shall this this week you may see. And a lot more counties under under that mash requirement. Despite the continued rising cases several states are experiencing testing problems once the tests as the lame one and 48 hours of becomes. Not very useful Colorado's governor blasting the federal government the national testing seen it is a complete disgrace. Tonight this Southern California family representing the virus is devastating poll seventeen family members testing positive. Three family members died. Oh victory over. And we should take precautions. Especially if you know later. You're doing symptoms stay home. Say why. One of the relatives there from that Sam we in Southern California. Several joins us now from orchard beach here in New York City where people are out trying to beat the heat cover tomorrow New York City will take another step toward reopening but in Norwich tip. He's are still bay and well that's right Tom things like indoor dining are still going to be a no go but a number of low risk outdoor activities will be coming back. Jews and the botanical gardens will be open with a limited capacity. Sports can return without fans and the National Park Service will be reopening the island where the statue of liberty six he just won't be allowed to go inside. Dom and step by step process continues all right Trevor thank you.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Concerns grow as many choose to not abide by social distancing guidelines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71870738","title":"Americans flock to beaches to beat the heat","url":"/WNT/video/americans-flock-beaches-beat-heat-71870738"}