More Americans Said Getting a Raise in 2014 Was Top Priority

Rebecca Jarvis with effective ways to talk to the boss and get more money.
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for More Americans Said Getting a Raise in 2014 Was Top Priority
Next, right here tonight, the "Real money" team is back. And we asked you to tell us the number one financial goal you had this year. More than taxes. More than health care. In a "World news" poll, an overwhelming 71% of families said getting a raise is a number one priority. And ABC's chief business correspondent, Rebecca Jarvis, went to Cincinnati to show us some of the secrets of talking to the boss, tonight. Rebecca? Reporter: Diane, as you said, it is the top money concern among American families, getting a raise. But fewer than half of us actually make the ask. We came here to Cincinnati and found one woman who was willing to take our "Real money" advice and put it to the test. Rebekah leavy, a market researcher from Cincinnati, Ohio, is about to do something terrifying -- ask her boss for a raise. How are you feeling? A little nervous. Reporter: And Rebekah's not alone. It's that number one concern from American families in that new "Real money" poll. A whopping 71% of you, telling us you think you should be earning more money. But don't know how to ask for it. Only about one-third of us ever ask for a raise. Even though, get this little-known secret, 84% of bosses expect us to ask them for one. So, how do you do it? We brought in career expert Nicole Williams from the powerhouse job networking website It's one of those taboo things that you don't tell people what you make. Reporter: Check out websites like and You type in your job and zip code and they tell you your average salary range in your area. Next, know the exact raise you want. Nicole says, for most of us, a fair ask is 5% to 10% more. And have someone record you practicing. This ask is as much verbal as it is nonverbal. So, there are gonna be things that you're doing that lets you boss know you're not confident. And that's going to work against you. Reporter: And before going in, ask advice. Seek out a mentor. Or another manager. We asked some of the toughest titans from ABC's cutthroat deal show, "Shark tank." You don't want to fold for the big corporate rush. They're never true. There's one guy in the office that just got a raise. Do not give ultimatums and say you're about to leave. If you get the raise, the boss is thinking about replacing you because they never know you're going to stay. You should never come out and say, I deserve more money. Nobody cares what you deserve. It's about what you can do for the company. Can I trust you? Are you loyal? Do you share my goals? If you do, I'm writing a check. Reporter: Back in Cincinnati, Rebekah's ready. I am getting ready to drive to work so I can ask for a raise. Wish me luck. Reporter: And a few hours later -- And it went really well. I was really glad that I had the conversation. Reporter: And about that raise? My manager did say that if I continue my performance, I will receive a raise. That's "Real money." Reporter: Diane, I want to go back to one thing. 84% of those bosses expecting you to ask for a raise. Maybe even wondering why you haven't already. So, really, there's no reason not to take the plunge. It never hurts to ask. Diane? Have to remember that when you're walking in the door. Thank you so much, Rebecca. And tomorrow night, Rebecca is going to slice down cable, internet and phone bills. See how she saves one family more than $1,000 tomorrow. And coming up here next.

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{"id":21604295,"title":"More Americans Said Getting a Raise in 2014 Was Top Priority","duration":"3:00","description":"Rebecca Jarvis with effective ways to talk to the boss and get more money.","url":"/WNT/video/americans-raise-2014-top-priority-21604295","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}