Americans Get Ready for Holiday Shopping

Consumers get ready to find the best deals at the mall and on the Internet.
2:08 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Americans Get Ready for Holiday Shopping
And tonight you're -- hopeful sign. About plans a little later this week after that Thanksgiving meal up to 152. Million Americans. Say they plan to go shopping in stores and web -- starting Black Friday that's up 10%. From last year but an important question here tonight do you really save more by shopping for those Black Friday deals here's ABC's -- dvds. The lines. That -- big overnight. And finally the stampede. Yes Black Friday is almost here and the prospect of low cost laptop that she HDTVs. Has some shoppers -- Case in point Tito Hernandez who's been camping outside the saint Petersburg Florida best buy since the next Monday. That's right almost two weeks before the big day and doing hanging out -- wouldn't be much needed to didn't. Holiday sales make up about a fifth of retailers' annual sales so some big box stores are. As early as 9 PM on Thanksgiving. Inspired bit of Black Friday back -- I don't understand it I think that these these stories have a lot of nerve doing -- how. This -- -- the crowds and chaos. Retailers like target offer deals like half off this Nikon camera only on Black Friday. But that you may actually be better off waiting. According to consumer reports last year a quarter of the most popular electronics -- actually cheaper in the two weeks after Black Friday. If you miss Black Friday weekend fear not they're going to be more deals all the way through. Way to get a deal is to know what you're buying. Scam those circular and web sites retailers also offered coupons that you can print out for -- -- savings and we Smartphone. Eight -- ten stores planned to use social media to alert shoppers to the best bargains. Take advantage of the retail competitive environment right now. It's never been more competitive. -- could save big money and if nothing else get a free adrenaline rush. Yet -- ABC news Atlanta.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"Consumers get ready to find the best deals at the mall and on the Internet. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14994613","title":"Americans Get Ready for Holiday Shopping","url":"/WNT/video/americans-ready-holiday-shopping-black-friday-cyber-monday-mall-internet-deals-business-14994613"}