Amputee Mom Saves Kids From Indiana Tornado

Debris crushed Stephanie Decker's legs when she took her children to safety.
2:08 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Amputee Mom Saves Kids From Indiana Tornado
All those tornadoes. Were two billion dollar twisters that's the estimated damage insurers will be asked to pay. But the human -- of course is in -- -- including for a hero mom. Who deploys her intuition and all the bravery she had to save her family. ABC's -- tuchman found her. Before she saw this monster should we -- Henry -- Indiana Stephanie Dicker verdict. News it was coming -- -- that is saying here her own. Was it not work -- -- year old son Dominic five year old daughter Reese she dove into the basement. Combining great with good says she grabbed a comfort wrapping them up and covering them with her body. My daughter it's that smile like this. -- -- -- -- -- in the wind. He received -- in the window blew out and the house starts me. Slater of the 8000 square foot home imploded. Case into debris -- -- legs I have I think it helps them. I was not -- earth -- we but her children. And -- And it was for they Stephanie forced herself to stay conscious. They needed me -- They had to have -- so I had to figure out what to do and my son is is a hero he went to go get help. To look at that you wouldn't think. Anybody -- of. Today in the rubble of her house her in laws told me hell alone in the dark Stephanie took out her cell phone it started recording which he thought. Her last words. She's she wasn't gonna make it -- Told her husband have you know -- how much she loved. Community. You know on Tuesday on the -- while she was down there. From doing anybody listening. But neighbors rescued hours later she was in a hospital her legs amputated. But her family intact her spirit and broken. Hello my children. Goes beyond anything counselors -- Matt Gutman ABC news and regional Indiana.

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{"id":15862680,"title":"Amputee Mom Saves Kids From Indiana Tornado","duration":"2:08","description":"Debris crushed Stephanie Decker's legs when she took her children to safety.","url":"/WNT/video/amputee-mom-saves-kids-indiana-tornado-15862680","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}