Amusement Park Accident Videos

Houston girl, 3, injured after being thrown from a fast-moving carnival ride.
2:03 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Amusement Park Accident Videos
A terrifying carnival accident in Houston caught on tape tonight at three year old girl was thrown from a ride she is OK tonight. But when you see these pictures you'll understand why there are new questions about just how safe those rides really are here's ABC's violence in Texas. Well father shooting video of his own child unknowingly captures this three year old girl -- under one of the restraints. First her legs fly out then you see you're trying to hold on as the ride keeps -- she's thrown six to eight feet. The child suffered a concussion but tonight. 42 inch height requirement. But should have had an adult whether. Some heat through your -- with -- And then we -- we -- she came on the abortion criminal destroy. Witnesses say the child's mother and eight year old brother entered the ride with her. But the mother decided to get off at the last minute because the seats were so small. Have been at least a little nervous when their child -- -- -- train. He -- South Carolina last year killing a six year old boy. Or when -- little -- straps in for a roller coaster ride the chain snapped on this one in California in 2010. Injuring seven according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission a -- 3600. People were injured on -- rides in 2010. The federal agency does regulate -- the rides are manufactured. But once they get the road. It's up to individual stating some aggressively inspect. Others are more hands off. In fact nine states have no administered inspection program at all. You yourself before you get on that ride you -- the final inspector if it looks bad it probably is if it sounds bad it probably has. Ultimately children may have to rely on mom and dad to ensure their ride is both scary. And safe. Ryan Owens ABC news Dallas.

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{"id":15941086,"title":"Amusement Park Accident Videos","duration":"2:03","description":"Houston girl, 3, injured after being thrown from a fast-moving carnival ride.","url":"/WNT/video/amusement-park-accident-videos-15941086","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}