Anas Al-Libi Captured in Anti-Terror Raids

Al Qaeda mastermind captured in Libya, and the Somali beach firefight with SEAL Team Six.
2:59 | 10/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anas Al-Libi Captured in Anti-Terror Raids
And we begin tonight with those two daring raids by u.S. Special forces on two separate targets in africa. In somalia, against the notorious al shabaab group, linked to that kenyan mall attack. The other mission carried out in libya, where one of the most wanted al qaeda masterminds in the world was taken into custody. He is known as abu anas al libi. For years now, there has been a $5 million reward out for his capture. This evening, we are inside the terror raids with new details of just how the american special forces carried them out. Abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross here in a moment. But we begin with our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz tonight. Martha, good evening. Reporter: Good evening, david. What is remarkable is that these raids, 3,000 miles apart, were carried out nearly simultaneously. The outcome of one, the capture of al libi. The other? Uncertainty. These were high risk, boots on the ground raids. Launched only when the target is considered high value. The mission, critical. The target in somalia, a senior al shabaab leader. The group that claimed credit for the massacre at the kenyan mall. The u.S. Forces leading the raid? The famed s.E.A.L. Team six, emerging from the indian ocean before dawn to a seaside al shabaab compound south of mogadishu. But an intense fire fight quickly erupted. The size of the resistance, far GREATER THAN THE S.E.A.L.s HAD Expected. The exchange of gun fire nearly an hour. The team was forced to withdraw without proof that their target had been killed. One of the things that you know is that your intelligence picture, no matter how good it is, it's never going to be perfect. Reporter: But 3,000 miles away in libya, and only hours later, mission accomplished. The man the u.S. Had been seeking for 15 years for the murders of hundreds at the u.S. Embassies in kenya and tanzania, captured. The raid, by u.S. Troops and operatives from the cia and fbi, swift and dramatic. Al libi's son and brother telling abc news today that a convoy of cars approached al libbi's vehicle, commandos jumped out, said the men smashed windows and grabbed al libi. There were no shots fired. We hope that this makes clear that those members of al qaeda and other terrorist organizations, literally can run but they can't hide. And martha is back with me now. Where do we believe al libi is right now? Reporter: Right now, officials tell me he is aboard a u.S. Navy ship where a high value interrogation team will try to get information from him, david. But he will likely end up in a new york city court, since he has been indited for the embassy bombings. Martha, thank you. And that al qaeda mastermind captured could be an information

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{"id":20489272,"title":"Anas Al-Libi Captured in Anti-Terror Raids","duration":"2:59","description":"Al Qaeda mastermind captured in Libya, and the Somali beach firefight with SEAL Team Six.","url":"/WNT/video/anas-al-libi-captured-anti-terror-raids-20489272","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}