Angelina Jolie Looks Ahead After Mastectomy Surgery

Hollywood actress took aggressive action against potential cancer risk.
2:08 | 05/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Angelina Jolie Looks Ahead After Mastectomy Surgery
-- huge reaction today to the blazing announcement by Angelina Jolie about her surgery. To reduce her risk of cancer she talked about the first part her double mastectomy but tonight we have learned there is more she plans to do. And it's a choice so many American women will have to face -- -- -- -- has the new details. Hours after revealing her an important decision of the double steady at eight and ninety plus -- Parade time magazine calling it the Angelina affect. But still the decision to have a preventive mastectomy is recent concerns from viewers like -- he wants -- a young mother of two. And like -- -- had her breasts removed after testing positive for the bracket cancer gene mutation. Only to be diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer two years later. I'm living this nightmare and you know it's turned my whole life upside down at this. Particular genetic mutation is not just about breast cancer that it's also about ovarian cancer. It was ovarian cancer than to ease Julie's mother's life and -- -- revealing today she too is taking that next step having her ovaries removed. Something that nearly 70% of those testing positive for crack could do. Why do you recommend having your ovaries removed as well while they typically go hand in hand removing the ovaries is actually. At as important if not more important than a mastectomy because there is no screening test for ovarian cancer. Old theory in cancer is called the silent killer claiming the lives of over 140000. American women in the last decade but there are risks involved with ovarian removal. Cardiovascular disease. Of immediate menopause and routine surgical complications. For our New -- -- her ovarian cancer -- but her fighting spirit. Never went to bat guarantee that out of the -- and for Joseph Lee she told die and she's been making these kind of tough decisions. Four years. Have to be allowed braver today the nights of unrest -- Paula Ferris ABC news New York.

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{"id":19188797,"title":"Angelina Jolie Looks Ahead After Mastectomy Surgery","duration":"2:08","description":"Hollywood actress took aggressive action against potential cancer risk.","url":"/WNT/video/angelina-jolie-ahead-mastectomy-surgery-19188797","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}