Ann Romney Looks to Sway Women Voters

Candidate's wife prepares for primetime speech at Republican Convention.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Ann Romney Looks to Sway Women Voters
to me he had a grin ear to rear. I bet he shows up here tonight in support of r. Tonight, there are 20,000 people least here. And I had chains today in an abc news exclusive to talk to her, right after she walked out and had the startling sight of this hall for the first time. Ann romney walked into the hall where her words could influence a presidential election. She usually speaks out notes but there's a teleprompter up there. She practiced on the gettysburg address. How wa up there? You know, I was like, oh. It's obviously, the biggest speech of my life. But as soon as I settled in, I'm like -- it felt good. Felt really good. Tell us about the prompter, that's new tonight? That's new. Did the governor give you any advice? You know, he said just look for someone's face there, as though you're talking to someone, is that helps a lot. What is it on a night when you see your husband achieve this kind of thing? Well, it's the funniest thing. It's not like we're jubilant. It's not that at all. It's a settling in of the awesomeness of how many people. It's a little of humility that millions of people have put their trust in us. And we don't want to disappoint. Although we're not feeling overjoyed, those kinds of emotions aren't there. Isaac is going to be coming on shore. Are you going to -- I just was getting an update just as I was in my green room. And we were watching it. We hope everyone will stay safe and listen to what they've got to do and be prepared. But does it affect your mood here? Well, you know, those are things that are unavoidable. And, you know, one thing that I've learned by being a mother of five boys is flexibility. And speaking of her strapping high-energy boys, she confessed laughingly, she'd always hoped for one girl. When the fifth baby came out, it was a boy, I'm like, oh, no. But one thing I can say about boys is, they've taught me much more than I think I would have learned by being a mother of girls. And they've taught me to be real. To have no baloney. And just to say it, say it straight, and then gver it. And that was a great lesson. So tonight, even though she never expected a public life, even though she has campaigned while battling m.S., She will be here to give her husband the greatest gift she can give in his political career. What would you say -- it was actually my father. He grabbed my hand, he said, ann, live your life. Enjoy the moment. Do everything you can. Enjoy every dream you want. Don't be restricted by anything. Just go and live your life. He says, I wish I had more minutes in my life here. And that was amazing. I would listen as he would go to the other side, that was like his last really moment that he said, oh, life is great. And so that was probably my best advice. I'm sure he's watching me. Watching over her tonight. I want to bring in co-anchor of "good morning america" and "this week" george stephanopoulos, it's hard to set the tone for that tonight? Mitt romney is coming into this campaign with the lowest favorability ratings of any nominee in modern times in a major party. What she has to do tonight is turn that around. Give people a sense of who he really is, why he's been trusted. What is the gender? He's doing okay with women. He's falling back tiparticularly with single women. Where he's got the advantage is with men. That's where chris christie comes in tonight. What do you expect from him tonight? I asked him this morning, are we going to get fire and brimstone. He just laughed. I thought that was a clue. We saw him in 2008, a little bit of a harsh edge when they talked about barack obama. What I want watch for tonight is much more of a sense of humor. To see chris christie going after obama in a more playful way. They know he's personally at a high favorability rating. To keep the tone e tonight. You're one of the past masters of the stage, of conventions, you know everything about it, you can decipher the code. Take a look at this hall and that stage, what's the first thing that strikes you? I'll tell you, when I walked into the hall today, the first thing that hit me is all that wood. Trying to warm up, it's warm, it's a little homey. It also sends the message, this is rule, this is authentic, this is authentically american. That's what they're try doing with that stage tonight. Well, you and I will be watching it all tonight with the powerhouse political team. Be sure to tune in with us, the big speeches start tonight at 10:00 eastern time and we will see you then.

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{"id":17099092,"title":"Ann Romney Looks to Sway Women Voters","duration":"3:00","description":"Candidate's wife prepares for primetime speech at Republican Convention.","url":"/WNT/video/ann-romney-sway-women-voters-17099092","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}