Looking for Answers in the Cleveland Kidnapping Case

Could the three kidnapped women have been found sooner?
2:10 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Looking for Answers in the Cleveland Kidnapping Case
There are new questions tonight about the search for the kidnapped her -- all these years take a look. This is the police sketch of a possible kidnap for -- years and years ago. Comparison to the man behind bars tonight how is it no one made the connection until these women were breaking free. ABC's David -- is back here in New York with more on this story tonight David. Incredible ending Diane its news being celebrated in that Cleveland community tonight the last of the three young women abducted. To leave the hospital tonight teams -- turning to -- home -- Seymour avenue just as we all learn the answer to a question everyone was asking. About that little girl. -- -- teams began boarding up their house and four on Seymour avenue in Cleveland. Just is that community learned what it had suspected since the moment this case broke open that call to 911. And environmental Pennsylvania. -- -- Tonight DNA revealing that the little girl Amanda Berry's daughter she carried -- her arms out of that house was in fact fathered by the suspect our real Castro. Now six years old we saw her and carried into we're new home this week. She was the only person ever taken out in public to the park. ABC news -- markets believe Oreo Castro would take the six year old girl to church to. And to make the oldest of the young women held captive Michelle -- was believed to have helped deliver that baby she left the hospital today for the first time. A statement put out on her behalf reads she's in good spirits and would like to community to know that she's extremely thankful for the outpouring of support. Now Michelle nights and she wants to live with -- to -- her family the young victim who gave that thumbs up she got out of that van. ABC news has learned that Gina and Michelle had been put in that same bedroom on -- second floor they formed a powerful friendship. Born from survival. Michelle was the first taken captive and as she left the hospital today new questions over whether police look hard enough to find her and to -- the Cleveland Police Department confirming. But Michelle's missing persons case was in fact removed from the FBI database just fifteen months after her disappearance. As she was locked up in that house police say the FBI case was closed because they were unable to contact -- mother to -- she was still missing. They say they kept asking questions even though her name was no longer listed. And -- this Mother's Day approaches. We look back to -- Berry's mother not here to see her daughter alive for years she would retrace her daughter steps trying to find her. She would count the days since she had seen her daughter. Outspent. Clinton on Sunday some days. -- Just not know one. The annual -- -- rover car. I'm she went on the Montel Williams show and listening to a famous psychiatry who told her her daughter was dead fish is analyze -- Her friends her family say her health was already feeling the Wanda Miller was devastated she died 44. So many in Cleveland this week remembering her. Telling us that same thing. And the mother she just keep all of a broken RI the straddles her and the stress on her heart. From the broken heart I heard that everywhere -- -- in Cleveland not only did this community know the names and the faces of those girls but they -- -- Berry's mother. Who did not live Diane to see her daughter from home so the three women now on this amazing we can what what they do for Mother's Day. -- we know that Michelle's family believes she's headed over to a friend -- house that sisterhood and Jay and his mother told us this week that she plans to make -- for the girls -- Mother's -- They ask for me OK thank you -- and great reporting.

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{"id":19154276,"title":"Looking for Answers in the Cleveland Kidnapping Case","duration":"2:10","description":"Could the three kidnapped women have been found sooner?","url":"/WNT/video/answers-cleveland-kidnapping-case-19154276","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}