Getting Answers From the IRS Can Be Taxing

IRS commissioner blames budget cuts for long wait times.
2:26 | 04/11/14

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Transcript for Getting Answers From the IRS Can Be Taxing
Tax day is fast approaching and tonight a sneak peek at the family's tax returns were talking about the first family. The Obama's reporting 481000. Dollars in income last year and that's a sizable drop from the year before 21%. Down from -- twelve. Over 600000. Dollars the big drop is because sales of the president's books are down. And since it is last minute tax time we decided to check up on the IRS service for taxpayers. Help. If you're one of the millions of Americans with questions about your tax return can you get an answer to -- Washington watchdog tonight here's ABC's David Curley. The government wants your tax dollars but if you -- -- with the question kind of fill out some specifics foreigners. Good luck getting an answer. -- -- -- -- Talk about it taxing experience -- -- times and frustrating you pretty much seems. -- -- -- You hung up on it so bad. -- Recently the head of the IRS even went on YouTube with a warning and there will frequently be extensive wait times David -- so we went to the IRS commissioner with a simple question. How do you expect taxpayers to pay when they can't get an answer as to how that much -- -- -- -- that's our biggest concern last year there were 109 million calls to the IRS 40% of those calls trying to reach an agent. Went on answered. Those who did get through the average wait time was eighteen minutes your advocate inside the agency has never seen service so bad. I'm outraged. You know I'm I feel that taxpayers have a right to quality service some might ask. Why don't you reallocate funds so you can answer the taxpayer better we have and reallocate it every dollar we can discern a taxpayer better for we have obligations we can avoid. The commissioner says the agency -- cut 101000 employees the past four years because its budget was cut by a billion dollars. This tax season he hopes only 30%. Of all calls are unanswered that's a huge failure rate. I view it as intolerable and has Hussein and nobody cares more about a and the people that don't work for us -- you do try the IRS web site. By a tax software program or go to a voluntary tax assistance office. Because all the head of the IRS can offer is and I apologize that we can't do more -- current ABC news Washington.

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{"id":23298032,"title":"Getting Answers From the IRS Can Be Taxing","duration":"2:26","description":"IRS commissioner blames budget cuts for long wait times.","url":"/WNT/video/answers-irs-taxing-23298032","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}