Antidepressant Use Increases Among Women

Numbers show older women are more likely than men to go on the medication.
1:48 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Antidepressant Use Increases Among Women
We got a stunning window onto American life today new numbers showing that one in ten of buses on an anti depressant. That's a 400%. Increase in the last fifteen years and Wellman. Especially middle aged women are two and a half times as likely to be on those pills as -- why. Here's ABC's Lisa stark. It's a staggering number more than one in every ten Americans over age twelve he's taking an anti depressant. Even more shocking among women aged forty to 59 nearly a quarter of them are on these medications. Maria -- re a working mom of two believes she knows why women turn to the medications. Is hard to my house home. So -- And friends or. It's it's a lot -- the study found women overall are two and a half times as likely to take anti depressants is -- Doctors say it appears depression hits women more often they're not sure why. But they do you know why women are more apt to be taking a pill. Could it also be that women are more likely to seek treatment yes absolutely I think women are more comfortable saying. I think there's a problem I'm having with my emotions -- began taking anti depressants this summer and she says it's helping I was -- not myself let. Bringing more need. Crimes and lows lack of sleep experts tell us despite all the theories hormones -- fractures. There's no clear scientific evidence about why women may be more susceptible to depression. But it's clear whatever makes them blue women are relying on anti depressants more than men and another doing it at unprecedented. Levels. Lisa stark ABC news Washington.

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{"id":14774850,"title":"Antidepressant Use Increases Among Women","duration":"1:48","description":"Numbers show older women are more likely than men to go on the medication.","url":"/WNT/video/antidepressant-increases-women-14774850","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}