Ariel Castro In Court

Suspect knew one of the victim's mother for years and even comforted her.
5:49 | 05/09/13

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We begin tonight with an accused predator, now the prisoner. Ariel castro, there he is in court, you see him looking up, but only briefly. Then his eyes back down. This man charged with terrorizing three women for ten years. Buring his face in his collar. And there's this photo taken at the moment of his arrest, heading into a cell, as his victims are finally with their families. Three women, breaking free at last, and abc's david muir starts us off tonight. Coverage of the new details those families are telling him. David? Reporter: Good evening again to you from cleveland. We've just learned that ariel castro has been moved from the city jail to the county jail. The prosecutor speaking late today, he did not hold back words in describing the horror he says castro inflicted on those young women. Tonight we hear from someone else, the mother of one of those young victims who said, she knew ariel castro. Today ariel castro was the one sitting in captivity with a community looking on. Handcuffed in court. In a blue jumpsuit. His head down. Charged with multiple counts of kidnapping and rape. This child kidnapper operated a torture chamber and private prison in the heart of our city. That word comes just 24 hours after those homecomings a decade in the making. We've now learned that inside THAT VAN, gina DeJesus was overcome, overwhelmed by the crowd, but she hugged her mother. Who told her, you can do it, give them a thumb's up. And she did. A mother guiding a daughter all over again. Reporter: Because she's still that 14-year-old girl. In my eyes, in my heart, she is. Reporter: So much lost time. Yes. But it's awesome though. No matter how hard it is for me, it's awesome. Reporter: You got her back? Yes, and that's the most important thing right now. Reporter: In the hours after that scene, gina told her parents she does not want sleep upstairs in a room like she'd been forced to for the last decade. The one thing she said, am -- mom, I don't want to stay in that room. I said, you don't have to. So that's part of her healing and knowing that she's to do what she wants. Reporter: She said she doesn't want to stay in her room? No. Reporter: Instead, the extended family slept on inflatable mattresses in the living room to grant her wish. And today, we also learned something else. Gina's mother nancy told us she has known ariel castro for years -- after growing up in the same community. At castro spoke to her on several occasions -- even after her daughter had disappeared. Most recently this past year, asking her, how are you doing? You would see him, and he would say, how are you doing? Yes. Reporter: Like nothing was wrong? Yes. Reporter: That's chilling. It is. Reporter: All the while he had your daughter? Yes. Reporter: She told me it was not uncommon for castro to ask her similar questions, never revealing he was allegedly holding her daughter gina captive. You know, many times I've been down that street. I have a sister who lives two blocks and a half away from there. Reporter: They were warned there was an alarm system, that it would go off if they tried to escape. Castro would bring home food. The young women would cook it. Sometimes he would bring home McDONALD'S. We learned he took the little girl to the park and too church too. That little girl was never told the real names of the other women in that house because of fear she might reveal those names in public and get castro into trouble. It's believed ariel castro might have taken amanda berry's daughter to visit his own mother. Investigators suspect that little girl's biological grandmother. Today she spoke for the first time, telling reporters, I am really suffering. I ask those mothers to forgive me and the girls to forgive me. My son is sick. I had nothing to do with what he did. One family ruined by a secret. Three other families, relieved. They can smile now. After what they went through, they can actually smile now. Reporter: And they are smiling? Yes, they are, every second. Every second. My daughter can't stop smiling. Reporter: And neither can mom. Oh, yes. Reporter: What have you promised her? Anything she wants. Because the sky is the limit. Reporter: The eye sk sky is the limit. Nancy told me she's already thanked one of the other am haves inside that house, amanda berry, she's held her, hugged her. Amanda told hershey knew mother's day was coming, wanted to get her and her daughter and the other young women out of that house in time for mother's day. Really extraordinary. So moving, the details you've been telling me about what the women did to try to create some kind of life inside that house. Reporter: Nancy's daughter gina, in fact, you know, castro would bring them clothes apparently from one local store over the years. So her daughter gina taught herself how to sew inside that house. She would take the fabric from the clothing, put it back together, changed a skirt into capri pants and often did that created a life of their own inside that house. David muir, once again, thank you. Next, we turn now to news from the investigation of those

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{"id":19147013,"title":"Ariel Castro In Court","duration":"5:49","description":"Suspect knew one of the victim's mother for years and even comforted her.","url":"/WNT/video/ariel-castro-court-19147013","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}