Arizona Sheriff: Obama Birth Certificate Forged

Sheriff Arpaio presents results of volunteer "cold-case posse" investigation.
4:18 | 03/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arizona Sheriff: Obama Birth Certificate Forged
Good afternoon. You know August last year a large -- citizens came. -- my office from the surprise Arizona Tea Party. Met with me. That's -- it would investigate the controversy. Surrounding. President Obama's birth certificate. And his ability to serve as the president the United States. -- -- Expressed displeasure. That no law enforcement agency. In the country. As ever gone on record indicating. They had either look into this situation. Or are -- willing to do so. I decided to utilized by cold case posse. Volunteers to investigate. The situation that no expense of the taxpayers. I repeat no expense. For the taxpayers. The -- case -- has received. Much criminals training in investigation. From my office and agreed to take. That shelf. The potter series reports directly to the office of the elected sheriff. -- the Arizona constitution. Consisting of former police officers. Attorneys. Who worked side by side. For six months. Investigating this matter. I asked them to conduct the investigation. Would no pre conceived. Ideas. Call it like it -- it. The critics. Will say that this investigation is politics. Let me clear that -- -- one point. I felt that this investigation. Could clear. The president. Obama's name. And put people's -- at eighties. It would be beneficial to our country. As a whole and to the citizens of America -- county. Arizona. Who came could be saying they felt their concerns were being ignored. The investigation focuses on the electronic file. And you'll see. That was presented. As president Obama's. Long form birth certificate. To the American people. And -- citizens of America open colony. The White House. In April of last year. The investigation. Then also led. Opposed to a closer examination. The president selective service. Registration card. Far closer examination. Of the evidence. We are prepared today to say we believe. Probable cause exists. Indicating that forgery. And fraud. May have been committed. Only. In president Obama's long form birth certificate. But more disturbing evidence. Suggests. That another fraud. May have been committed. Regarding his selective service registration card. At the very least I can tell you this. Based on all of the evidence present it. And investigated. I cannot. In good faith. Report to you. That these documents are authentic. My eventually get -- investigators believe. That the long -- form birth certificate. Was manufacturer electronically. And that it did not originate. In the Paper format. Is claimed the --

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Sheriff Arpaio presents results of volunteer \"cold-case posse\" investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15828337","title":"Arizona Sheriff: Obama Birth Certificate Forged","url":"/WNT/video/arizona-sheriff-obama-birth-certificate-forged-15828337"}