Assessing the Injured from the Oklahoma Tornado

Hospital worker Brooke Cayot discusses treating victims of the Oklahoma tornado.
2:37 | 05/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Assessing the Injured from the Oklahoma Tornado
We are hearing reports of victims being. Rushed to nearby hospitals moments ago I spoke was -- -- out of integrys southwest medical center a hospital twelve miles from Moore Oklahoma where the injured. Are being cared for right now. So -- thank you so much for talking with us tonight give me a sense how many patients do you have per minute still coming -- We're receiving patients who literally minute by minute and at -- check we have received a total of 37 patient. They range that we have ten -- critical condition right now twelve infuriated. And fifteen are listed in fair or good condition at the moment. What kind of injuries are you seeing. We're seeing everything from -- just minor lacerations. To as severe head injuries. And abdominal wins and most likely from from punctures from flying debris. We've heard so much about those children in the two schools. Who work inside aren't any of your children from those schools and what about their condition. We -- -- total of five children and of those 37. I know that -- of the 37 were from that school. And is it possible with privacy to give us any sense of their condition. Well thankfully and none of the five children that we have right now are listed in critical. They are one and curious and the others are -- -- good so that's great news. That is really. -- news how many more patients can you received how much are equipped to receive. That we review I'm -- busy ER in the states that we are -- and -- high volume. Maybe not -- deep the emotional -- as of this tragedy. -- that would only ten critical at the moment. We're capable of handling anymore. So did you sense what you are hearing around town are there endurance is able to go out all over town are. You still looking for reinforcements. What we've heard it said the roads are still impassable in that area it was taking a significant amount of time. She gets out of the area into our hospital. The ambulances are showing up instead of just one patient at the time they're bringing three and four patients at a time. Many people are just arriving by private vehicle -- well. Well -- -- we thank you so much for phoning in to us and we know this is going to be a long night. And -- -- and -- certainly wish all of you the best as you do your best for everybody else. Thank you very much.

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{"id":19221541,"title":"Assessing the Injured from the Oklahoma Tornado","duration":"2:37","description":"Hospital worker Brooke Cayot discusses treating victims of the Oklahoma tornado.","url":"/WNT/video/assessing-injured-oklahoma-tornado-19221541","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}