Astronauts' Fainting Spells Lead to Breakthrough

NASA research helps treat women with fainting disorders.
2:21 | 02/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Astronauts' Fainting Spells Lead to Breakthrough
Unusual medical detective story and breakthrough last night we told you about a national campaign launched by doctors to raise awareness. Of the dangers of fainting -- fainting. Could be a sign of problems with your heart. Tonight what happened after astronauts kept fainting what doctors learned that is helping other patients in new ways. ABC's Andrea canning explains. This price is right contested collapsed when she thought she might win a car this room's been lost consciousness at a wedding yeah. But wherever it happens it can -- will during. Even terrifying. Our hearts started racing very fast Kathy Chandler is a chronic feature and her doctor says it's startling scenes like this that may hold clues to keeping her healthy. Watches astronaut hiding greet Stefan chain collapses after returning from her first space mission. Astronauts are very prone to fainting dizziness if you're in space. You're not using all your muscles including your heart because you don't have gravity to fight against. And so their -- sizes were decreasing. These symptoms can be shared by patients like Kathy who -- under diagnosed heart condition called pot syndrome. It affects up to a million people mostly women. Now NASA researchers have come up with a tailored exercise program that is being used not only on astronauts but on -- patients like -- it involves. Exercises that avoid gravity and so for the first time ever we actually have a way. Two to actually turn around a person's symptoms and actually cure that. The hope is that it will help the heart grow in some patients and others -- -- in the heart muscle and prevent fainting. Kathy also eat salty food to keep her blood pressure up until through bad when she sleeps to keep her blood flowing but the key for her. I've worked. Exercising more I feel like I wanna be at my best. We spoke to a NASA scientist who says they're constantly trying to bring what they learn in space back to the clinic here. While these exercises will be the answer for every one with pot -- they can certainly make a big difference in the quality of life. And we're talking about any gravity exercises like swimming stationary -- things that keep you closer to the graft and never know how the dots will be connected them and -- like thank you Andrea.

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{"id":15821210,"title":"Astronauts' Fainting Spells Lead to Breakthrough","duration":"2:21","description":"NASA research helps treat women with fainting disorders.","url":"/WNT/video/astronauts-fainting-spells-lead-breakthrough-15821210","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}