Avalanche Roars Down Near Popular Ski Resort

Clayton Sandell reports on this deadly force of nature and how to survive it.
1:04 | 02/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Avalanche Roars Down Near Popular Ski Resort
We wanted to report in more depth on that terrifying avalanche over the weekend the weather -- down on the Kenyan. At a popular ski resort in Washington State killing three people. We -- if she's Clinton sent out to help us understand the fury of the avalanche and how someone could survive he's in Stevens pass Washington tonight. But it's terrifying force of nature. An avalanche like this once surging down the mountain at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. Carrying everything in its path on Sunday that power was on full display in the mountains of Washington State a group of experienced skiers ventured off the main slopes to ski a steep canyon despite an avalanche warning. That's 11 happened sweeping them up in seconds rocketing them a quarter of a mile straight downhill fellow skiers raced in to find the missing. And waited for that this not a -- and immediately went into their rescue mode. Using their avalanche beacons to locate their -- three men in the group could not be revived and died. This -- seventeen people have been killed in avalanche is nationwide. They are powerful strong enough to topple railroad cars a large slide like this one could carry enough snow to cover -- football fields ten feet high. This footage shows what it's like to be caught up in one. A snow boarder in New Zealand riding 12 in the next he has overcome. It's camera capturing what he saw and heard inside as the light faded. Luckily he survived. Experienced ski patrol member Chris brick -- describes the ride it's like being stuck in washing machine or rocks. You get tumbled around you can't see anything one of the survivors of yesterday's avalanche pro skier a lease -- -- credits an emergency air bag like this one. With saving her life. You don't know which way is up -- down by the but the system keeps you up about so. You have a very good chance of survival. -- caught up in the avalanche the -- keeps you from sinking actually lifting -- upwards towards the air reducing your chances of suffocating. Here's the idea let's pretend this is the -- its larger than the snow around it so -- the avalanche moves. The airbag moves its way to the top preventing the skier from being buried alive. You can see and airbags saving this snow -- a few weeks ago in Colorado. -- even the best skiers cautioned that no technology is fail safe. You know your risks when you know your abilities and these individuals were expert skiers it's one of those things. Nature is more powerful than we Clayton -- LA BC news Stevens pass Washington.

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{"id":15754100,"title":"Avalanche Roars Down Near Popular Ski Resort","duration":"1:04","description":"Clayton Sandell reports on this deadly force of nature and how to survive it.","url":"/WNT/video/avalanche-roars-popular-ski-resort-15754100","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}