Baby Cambridge's New Home

Inside the lavish home of the newest royal and an extended royal family right nearby.
2:19 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Baby Cambridge's New Home
As we've been saying the future king is half commoner. The pictures today tell the story as the grandparents arrived today. FIRST THE MIDDLETONs ARRIVED IN A taxi and charles and camilla in a jaguar with achoefr. This little boy living in two worlds. kols. So much of what he will do is preordained. Tonight he spends his night at home in the garden of kenzing to know palace. Reporter: The new family arrived today, home, kensington palace, built in the 17th century. Tonight staying in a two bedroom cottage on the ground. What grounds they are, from the king's gallery, a massive room with paintings and or nate carved ceilings. There is the king's staircase with chand leers and marble floors and the sprauling gardens. But they won't be alone. The grounds are home to other royals, each with their own apartment and william and kate's permanent apartment isn't actually ready. The new family of three will eventually live in apartment one a, a four storehouse with over 20 rooms. It's the former home of the queen's sister, margaret and was LAST RENOVATED IN THE 1960s. The new plumbing, asbestos removal and roof repairs are not complete. Even the renovations for the royals behind schedule. Prince william is no stranger to kensington. It was his childhood home. This baby will live in palaces not because they're comfortable but they're safe. Reporter: But the baby will also spend time at kate's family home in buckle bury, a likely escape from palace life. Tonight the baby will be spending his first night here in his new family home, no doubt get lg shut eye after being unveiled to the world in the full media world spotlight. We want you to know tonight barbara walters will anchor a special edition of "20/20," the royal baby, heir to the throne tonight at 10:00 p.M. Eastern.

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{"id":19753868,"title":"Baby Cambridge's New Home","duration":"2:19","description":"Inside the lavish home of the newest royal and an extended royal family right nearby.","url":"/WNT/video/baby-cambridges-home-19753868","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}