Global Milestone

A baby born Monday will bring the world's population to 7 billion.
2:13 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for Global Milestone
Scientists will mark a huge moment tomorrow a baby born somewhere on earth will mark the seven billionth baby born on this planet. Take a live look tonight as the world's population gets closer to that seven billion -- the number going up there on the screen every one of those a baby being born to think about this. But -- time this next story about a minute and a half long is done another 375. Babies. Have been born. -- just where do they think he's -- billionth baby will be born. Scientists say odds are it'll be India they point to the map every minute in India 51 -- babies nearly one baby every second there. The fastest growing country in the world. Don't be thrown China still has the most people welcome to our world Diane welcome this little baby into the whirlwind world news went to China. More than one point three billion people in that country but India growing faster will be -- China in just fourteen years. But seven billion people on the planet sometime tomorrow. Or could just twelve years ago the head of the UN was holding number six billion. Andy give you an idea just how quickly the population has grossed. In the sixties we had half that number runner just three billion. That Jefferson and Napoleon just one billion. Ancient Egypt this whole planet just fifteen million. -- -- a -- stop the number that concerns them most after all seven billion people could reasonably fit in Texas. -- -- to space it's the resource food and water. Given how quickly we're going to reach eight billion in fact a little more than a decade away. The birth -- is slowing just a bit worldwide here in the US we -- our peak in the 1950s. Where are the babies now. We found numbers on the rise just this month. In Bismarck, North Dakota says he's been in town for about six hours ripping it turns out with the jobs are of this country to face these dogs. 03% unemployment. Hospitals they're seeing a spike. And tomorrow seven billion whether it's -- or Bangalore. We'll never quite know. Sure and of the seven billion people on the planet what number were you. We have a calculator online you can figure it out ABC's dot com slash world news.

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{"id":14847184,"title":"Global Milestone","duration":"2:13","description":"A baby born Monday will bring the world's population to 7 billion.","url":"/WNT/video/baby-global-milestone-7-billion-children-humans-14847184","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}