Fighting Back

A new treatment could bring relief to back pain sufferers.
2:16 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Fighting Back
Turning to healthy living tonight into a cutting edge but experimental treatment for back pain the single biggest chronic pain problem in America. To federal Ron Claiborne who has suffered from back pain himself is determined to find out if this new treatment. Could work for him. Like 26 million Americans. I suffer from chronic back pain in my case for the past eleven years. I showed doctor Andre -- goes up pain specialist beat MRI images of my lower back a significant health this one disc right here. Doctor -- -- says -- slipped this game hairline compression fractures which make exercise painful and in what you have here on the simmering you -- Michael. Ever again. As an avid golfer that was not at all what I expected or wanted to hear. So I went looking for the most cutting edge treatment and found pro golfer Fred Couples. I really three months ago you know this -- -- -- playing golf he was plagued with crippling back pain. A filly went for treatment of this man retired about lower bacteria doctor Peter balance in Dusseldorf Germany do therapy you're doing doesn't work. There isn't good. Responder rate of around 80%. Dealings treatment targets the inflammation that he says is a source of most people's back pain. It works like this. Anti information proteins are pulled from the patient's own blood. And concentrated. This -- -- dose of proteins is then injected back into the troubled areas targeting inflammation and blocking pain receptors. If you find inflammation in the right way. Want to fundamental level he will create good -- meaning no more back pain aspect -- on Alpine encouraging words from. Pain sufferers like me. And while this treatment is promising it does not have FDA approval in this country so when we talked of back pain specialists across the US. Overwhelmingly they suggested before surgery. Or any experimental treatment try physical therapy but David is someone who has tried physical therapy and it did not work for me. I'm sufficiently intrigued by what they're doing there and Dusseldorf Germany. I'm gonna go back and a couple months and try that treatment myself Chris really am desperate for something for my chronic back pain.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"A new treatment could bring relief to back pain sufferers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14847209","title":"Fighting Back","url":"/WNT/video/back-pain-treatment-doctors-health-14847209"}