Baggage Handling Nightmares

Video of baggage handlers may make travelers think twice about checking luggage on a plane.
1:58 | 06/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baggage Handling Nightmares
Do you ever think about what happens to your luggage at the airport. A video that caught our eye today shows it might be even worse. Linsey davis has the tape and news every flier should know. Reporter: Checking a bag just got a bit more agonizing. Look at this video of this man in china hurling this cargo. It happened in 2011 but went viral today earning him worst baggage handleler of all time. And this woman who uses the push overtechnique. In april alone there were 150,000 reports of mishandled bags. 25,000 more than april of last year. That doesn't just cover damage but includes theft. Italian police arrested 29 workers in rome earlier this year after hidden cameras in the cargo hold captured them going through people's bags with cash and valuables which is why this man takes precautions with his carry I don't know. I make sure that goes under my seat. Reporter: As your family is packing up for summer vacation, a few tips to protect your belongings. Some airports offer a luggage wrapping service. You can try securing the zipper tabs with these multi-purpose zip ties. Considerg your belongings in advance. Does it end up being more extensive to ship? Actually on a short trip it's less extensive to ship than to pay a $25 or more extensive baggage fee. Reporter: You also might want to invest in a bag with four wheels. A lot of planes the handlers will roll the bags down the belly of the plane. If it doesn't have four wheels they're going to throw it. Reporter: Just one more way to protect your luggage from a hard landing. Coming up, a beloved principle retiring.

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{"id":19432064,"title":"Baggage Handling Nightmares","duration":"1:58","description":"Video of baggage handlers may make travelers think twice about checking luggage on a plane.","url":"/WNT/video/baggage-handling-nightmares-19432064","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}