Ban on Gay Boy Scouts Lifted

Controversy continues as gay leaders are still banned.
1:22 | 05/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ban on Gay Boy Scouts Lifted
Now to big news across the country tonight. A big move at the boy scouts, an overturn on a ban on guy scouts. Abc's david kerley on this major change for an american institution. Reporter: Voting in texas with supporters and critics outside, the boy scouts national council historic move matches the countries evolving view on gay rights. For more than a century, millions of boys have learned outdoor and leadership skills as part of scouting, but gay members have always been banned. Pascal tessier of maryland, a scout for a decade, announced he was gay and was told he would not be able to earn the highest rank -- until tonight. It's actually great. They are finally taking a step in the right direction by allowing gay youth in to the boy scouts. Reporter: Some parents of scouts are dismayed. We'll be required to teach homosexuality to young boys, as young as six and as old as 17. The scouts deny that will be the case. But this repeal could mean a loss of some sponsorships. And by one estimate, up to one in ten scouts could leave the program. And while the ban is lifted tonight on scouts, gay leaders are still banned. The battle is not over. David kerley, abc news, washington.

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{"id":19245818,"title":"Ban on Gay Boy Scouts Lifted","duration":"1:22","description":"Controversy continues as gay leaders are still banned.","url":"/WNT/video/ban-gay-boy-scouts-lifted-19245818","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}