Bank Customers Close Accounts

New debit fees compel many Americans to switch to credit unions.
2:42 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Bank Customers Close Accounts
We do have a second report tonight on your money and your bank. A backlash underway tonight Americans fighting back against those new fees being imposed by so many of the big banks. ABC news has learned that a growing number of their customers are withdrawing money closing accounts taking their business elsewhere. Where is that and how much does it save ABC's Matt -- is in Kansas City, Missouri. As the -- Wall Street and climbers on another move silently on the march across the country. Since Bank of America announced its new five dollar a month that it -- last month credit union to community banks across the country have seen an explosion -- membership. -- Miami terror rejection of middle school PTA president pulled the plug on their chase account and came here to the Miami date credit union more. He's the more -- -- and you know we just felt like we can take -- anymore. Jackson says she's -- -- that you take 250. Dollars to hear what percentage of it would you say it's disgusting what percentage with -- Well I think about 80% was with guns that discussed this at deposits according to this Chicago credit. In October were on pace to go about 40% above that in new checking account and debit card activity where's the business coming from. The Bank of America right next door. The national association of credit -- -- traffic on its web site is up a whopping 350%. The nation's largest credit union welcomed thousands of new customers just last week a three -- -- new checking accounts this time last year. -- -- -- Over 60000. Dollars BP to move your bank day. And you might remember a multi catch -- so frustrated with Bank of America's five dollar fee she started a petition to -- -- if you repeal. Now she's got 300000. Signatures. And a call from bank executive. It kind to -- my chance parent and their fees that explanation but what I'm hearing is that it's stealing UT. Some argue the process is too arduous for that -- the so called switching -- make the process virtually click away company treated birds. Just how long it takes to make its pitch and thank you for coming hands -- turns out only twelve minutes. The banks say they won't know whether -- lost any customers until early next year. Here's what has big banks really concerned and according to Bankrate dot com the folks most likely to -- credit unions like this in Kansas City are not the port. But folks making 75000. Dollars or more -- year. Very folk speak banks depend upon profit.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"New debit fees compel many Americans to switch to credit unions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14806105","title":"Bank Customers Close Accounts","url":"/WNT/video/bank-customers-close-accounts-14806105"}