Baseball's Fall From Grace and Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Alex Rodriquez may be banned for life as suspensions may follow for the others.
3:00 | 07/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baseball's Fall From Grace and Performance-Enhancing Drugs
America's favorite past time is about to be rocked. Abc news has learned that major league baseball officials have given are the players union a blacklist, the players it intends to punish for using performance enhancing drugs. Alex rodriguez right at the top, the highest paid player in baseball history. Tonight the targeted players are being advised about their rights and their options as the league announced suspensions that will make history and shake the game. Paula faris is here. These suspensions could come right away. We have learned any moment this could hit. Today all eyes were on the highest paid player in the game's history. A possible lifetime ban, alex rodriguez dodged questions as he drove off in his near half million dollar car. Moments earlier, continuing his rehab stint at the yankees training facility in tampa, hoping to get back on the field this year. But there's a chance he won't return this season, if ever. In what could be the biggest bust in major league baseball history, reportedly 20 players have been implicated for using performance enhancing drugs. And getting those drugs from the biogen cyst clinic in florida. Baseball is trying to drop the hammer as hard as it can. Ryan braun was the first to fall, accepting a 65 game suspension, but a-rod at the center. Arguably the biggest star with the biggest salary. That bat, earning him $28 million this season. While major league baseball reportedly claims to have enough evidence to impose a lifetime ban, the question now, is will they try to. It would be one of the heaviest penalties since pete rose was banned 24 years ago for betting on his own team. As you can imagine, this is a very sad day. Rodriguez hasn't played since october of last season due to an injury. His fate could rest in the hands of baseball commissioner, bud selig who according to some experts will attempt to take him off the field this season one way or another. Major league baseball is going to try to ban alex rodriguez for life, but if they do, they know they're going to get an incredible fight with the union. Reporter: Most of the players involved in this investigation expected to accept their suspensions, but a-rod's legal team has repeatedly said it will appeal. We believe that we have good, solid and strong defenses for alex, and we intend to present them when the time comes. Baseball insiders that i spoke with believe that no one stands to benefit more from a lifetime ban than the yankees. They're on the hook to pay rodriguez $30 million. According to experts, george, he may not have much of a career left. Everybody scramling right now.

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{"id":19832008,"title":"Baseball's Fall From Grace and Performance-Enhancing Drugs","duration":"3:00","description":"Alex Rodriquez may be banned for life as suspensions may follow for the others.","url":"/WNT/video/baseballs-fall-grace-performance-enhancing-drugs-19832008","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}