How Batkid's Story Began

A look into the massive organization that went into the Make-a-Wish Foundation event.
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Batkid's Story Began
ben affleck, the newest star of the batman franchise is a kid, a batkid. The pint sized crusader had the whole country cheering when he saved san francisco earlier this month. Tonight, how they pulled off that magnificent wish. Abc's david muir meets batkid. Reporter: It's rare to meet a superhero but we did, in a comic book store. He was the super-sized wish. Little miles was diagnosed with leukemia at 20 months. At the time his parents were offered a wish from make-a-wish, but they revealed to us today, they asked to wait. We wanted him to be able to remember it. Reporter: They wanted to make sure that when the time came, he would saver it. Now five, he made that wish. And while the family was told to wait in a san francisco hotel room, there was a knock. When batman knocked at our hotel room door, he came up holding a costume and said -- told miles to put this on and we have to go to work. Reporter: What we didn't know was that mom and dad were nervous. We were worried because he's a shy boy, but he put on that suit like let's go. Reporter: And that's when the country met miles. A thumb's up, shy no more. Those shots from the sky, trailing batkid, saving the day in san francisco. Running through the streets. It seems a whole city in on it. Smiling faces lining office windows for blocks. ♪ ♪ Reporter: The signs from one bat fan to another, I believe in you batkid! Saving the damsel in distress. A hug from her and he offers a pat on the back. And from the mayor -- thank you, batkid. Reporter: Batkid suddenly realizing his power. The volunteers who made the wish come true, 16,000. City hall, 20,000. The number of batkid tweets as of tonight, now up to 675,000. With miles in remission, his parents have started the batkid fund to help children like him. While we were there today, suddenly a message beeped in from the police chief. Please, we need you and bring the batkid. Reporter: Our time was up. Superhero. Definitely. Reporter: If miles ever thinks it was all just a dream, he has the headlines to prove

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{"id":21011564,"title":"How Batkid's Story Began","duration":"3:00","description":"A look into the massive organization that went into the Make-a-Wish Foundation event.","url":"/WNT/video/batkids-story-began-21011564","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}