Battling the Increasing Cost of College Supplies

Paula Faris shares simple tips to help every family save real money.
2:43 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Battling the Increasing Cost of College Supplies
Tonight, whether you're shopping for computers or clothes, here's abc's paula faris with tips for everyone. And as parents know, now's the time we need them. Reporter: Remember the kosmer family? Their youngest, tyler, got into his m school, ithaca college, to study broadcasting and wrestle. Real money helped him reapply for financial aid, finding an extra $30,000. And now, just days away from leaving the nest -- blue for ithaca. Reporter: This family is finding out that book to school means back to the bank account. Are you surprised how much it's cost just to get to school? Yes. Yes. Reporter: New bedding, a mini fridge, microwave, laptop, textbooks, it's all adding up. Like you have torebuy your whole life, you know? Reporter: That's expensive. Very expensive. Reporter: But the author of "zero debt for college grads" says her shopping lessons can save all of us real money. Hi! Tip number one, for big picket items, prices can change minute by minute. On decide.Com, you can track products, like this laptop. We caught it from $452 to $349 in ten minutes. So, to make sure you get the best price, use comparison sites like price blink. We tried it out on this mini fridge. Wallmart, which is $129, staples at $139. Amazon, $169. However, I see this item costs $98.88, with free shipping. Reporter: And to find out if your favorite store has any sales, use apps like shop kick. It rewards shoppers for walking into retailers. Oh, look, it popped up. Refind exclusive deals for college kids and the rest of the family. It's $2 off any bed pillow. And redeem our kicks at checkout. Every little bit helps. TOTAL IS DOWN TO 42.193s THE. Reporter: Knocking our big down 20%. And finally, tip number two? If you are living on campus, consider leaving your car at home. On average, college students save $200 on gas alone. In all, saving the average college family $2,900 a year. You feel like you have everything? I got all my supplies. I'm ready to go to college. That's real money! Reporter: And one of the biggest savings is buying used college textbooks or even renting them. You can save upwards of 70%, all that information on our website including where to find free textbooks. Tomorrow night, we're back.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Paula Faris shares simple tips to help every family save real money.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19964118","title":"Battling the Increasing Cost of College Supplies","url":"/WNT/video/battling-increasing-cost-college-supplies-19964118"}